Over the course of our remarkable history, Intrado, a subsidiary of West Corporation, has stood at the forefront of pioneering 9-1-1 technology solutions that enable improved performance, reliability and capabilities of emergency communications systems and response. Today, Intrado provides the core of the nation’s 9-1-1 infrastructure and supports the delivery of over 290 million calls to 9-1-1 centers every year.


Intrado is the preeminent provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions for traditional phone companies, wireless carriers, satellite and cable operators, VoIP service providers, and public safety and government agencies. Public safety answering points across the U.S. and Canada rely on Intrado for accurate, state-of-the-art 9-1-1 voice, data and call handling equipment support.


Regardless of the communication device, technology or medium, Intrado has the innovative network and extensive portfolio of advanced 9-1-1 services to meet public safety needs today and in the future. Combined with a staff of experienced public safety experts, Intrado is unrivaled in its ability to deliver further advancements and is leading the transformation of emergency communications.