Accessed through any browser (fixed or mobile) on any Internet-enabled device including tablets, smartphones, laptop and desktop computers, Beware® from Intrado searches, sorts and scores billions of commercial records in a matter of seconds-alerting responders to potentially deadly and dangerous situations while en route to, or at the location of a call.

Intrado’s Beware® service is a tool to help first responders understand the nature of the environment they may encounter when responding to a 911 request for assistance. 
Beware does not incorporate searches of law enforcement’s records systems.  It only uses publicly available information consistent with all rules and regulations concerning use of such information, as well as adhering to industry standards and best practices concerning privacy and the protection of such information.   While Federal and state statutes allow public safety agencies to use all publicly available information, Beware does not use data considered non-essential for first responder’s response to a 911 call.  This helps ensures protection of our first responders and the public.
Beware augments established protocols and procedures used by public safety personnel.  It presents data in a way that is typically unavailable to the First Responder.  This enables a First Responder to be adequately prepared to render aid in response to a 911 call.