Executive Team

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John Shlonsky
Chief Executive Officer & President

John Shlonsky is Chief Executive Officer and President. He joined in November 2017. John's career spans more than 25 years in the payments, technology and financial services industries.

Nancy Disman
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Administrative Officer

Nancy Disman is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer. Nancy joined in November 2017.

Ron Beaumont
President, Life & Safety

Ron Beaumont is President of the Life & Safety segment. His tenure began in 2005 when he founded HyperCube Telecom and served as its chief executive officer until HyperCube was acquired in 2012.

Ben Chodor
President, Digital Media

Ben Chodor is President of the Digital Media segment. He rejoined in April 2018. Over the past 25 years, Ben has established himself as a global leader in the world of digital media and enterprise communications.

Eric Frazier
Co-President, Enterprise Collaboration

Eric Frazier is Co-President of the Enterprise Collaboration segment. He joined in November 2017. Over the last 15 years, Eric has been a serial entrepreneur and complex problem-solver designing and leading high-performance sales engines and cultures.

Rob Bellmar
Co-President, Enterprise Collaboration

Rob Bellmar is Co-President of the Enterprise Collaboration segment. He joined in 2007 and has held key senior leadership roles throughout his tenure. Prior to joining, Rob was the Executive Vice President of Operations and Infrastructure for British Telecom's Conferencing Division.

Matt Yost
Co-President, Health & Wellness

Matt Yost is Co-President of the Health & Wellness segment. Prior to joining Health & Wellness in 2016, Matt was senior vice president leading healthcare strategy and corporate development activities, including the acquisition of Health Advocate in 2014.

Ed Corneiro
Co-President, Health & Wellness

Ed Corneiro is Co-President of the Health & Wellness segment. He joined in November 2018. Previously, Ed worked at Morgan Stanley as chief financial officer for Support Services overseeing $7 billion in annual expenditures.

Lou Brucculeri
Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Lou Brucculeri is Executive Vice President and General Counsel. He joined in November 2017, bringing over 25 years of legal experience and 30 years of experience in computing, communications and software technologies.

Steve Cadden
Chief Operating Officer

Steve Cadden is Chief Operating Officer. He joined in August 2018. Steve's career has encompassed working for both public and private companies in the financial services and technology industries.

Anup Nair
Chief Information Officer

Anup Nair is Chief Information Officer. He joined in March 2018. Prior to joining, Anup was chief information officer and chief technology officer of Vantiv, now Worldpay.