In the News 2014

Text to 911 future possibility in Ashe County
07.01.2014 - Right now, Ashe County is in the process of transitioning its 911 center to Motorola Intrado, a company that allows for 911 call centers to receive text messaging. Ashe County is presently using copper wire lines, which have been in place since 1962, which they transform to IP based information through CenturyLink. “The Intrado network will be entirely IP based from the moment it leaves someone’s house or office on its route to us, it will be done over internet IP protocol,” said Kevin Hardy...
Mary Boyd recognized by National Emergency Number Association for 30 years of distinguished service
07.01.2014 - In its NENA2014 Conference & Expo on June 14-19 in Nashville, TN, the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) presented its most prestigious award, the William E. Stanton Award, to Mary Boyd, a former president of NENA and current vice president for external affairs at Intrado, for her 30-plus years of service to NENA. Boyd was among the earliest leaders of NENA in the 1980s and has served in many key roles since then.
County To Upgrade 911 Equipment
06.30.2014 - The 911 upgrade prepares the county’s current hardware, firm­ware and software and provides for “our best option for text as well as other next- generation technology enhancements as they become available,” said Al Frank, director of Central Dis­patch. #The current system is from a private firm called Intrado, which is marketed through AT& T. It is the same manufac­turer and supplier for the new system, Mr. Bosanac said.
9-1-1 Leaders Tackle Pressing Public Safety Issues in Annual Conference and Expo
06.25.2014 - NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Federal policy pronouncements, awards for heroic and dedicated emergency service, renewed and expanded corporate leadership, and hundreds of hours of meaningful dialogue and training were among the highlights of the National Emergency Number Association's (NENA's) Annual Conference & Expo, held June 14-19 in Nashville.  Nearly 2,000 people who lead and staff America's 9-1-1 systems came together with an agenda focused on key public safety...
Making NextGen 9-1-1 a reality today
06.13.2014 - After years of planning and strategizing, the Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NextGen 9-1-1) migration is underway. All the talk has turned into action, with public safety answering points (PSAPs), regional authorities and states across the country diving into the evolutionary process of transitioning from legacy analog networks and components to powerful next-generation emergency services IP networks (ESInets) and call-processing equipment (CPE). Many agencies are actively accepting native text to 9...
Tiburon Launches 9-1-1 Call Handling with Intrado A9C® integration to enhance Dispatcher/Call Taker Workflow
06.11.2014 - SAN RAMON, CA  – Tiburon, Inc., a portfolio company of The Gores Group and a leading provider of public safety software solutions, today announced the launch of Tiburon 9-1-1 Call Handling with seamless integration to Intrado A9-1-1® Connect™ (A9C). Tiburon 9-1-1 Call Handling integrates functions within computer-aided dispatch and 9-1-1 call handling to help reduce call taker workflow complexity as well as reduce equipment costs and footprint in the dispatch center. With Tiburon 911 Call...
Adams County’s LTE Network Goes Live on 700 MHz Public-Safety Band
06.10.2014 - The Adams County (Colorado) Communications Center (Adcom 9-1-1) is the first Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) awardee to operate a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in the dedicated public-safety 700 MHz band 14 spectrum. Adcom went live June 6. “We think it’s an honor, an opportunity and a sense of duty,” said Bill Malone, Adcom 9-1-1 executive director, regarding being the first BTOP to go live. “We’re fortunate. … Someone has got to be first, and we’re honored to do it.”
Adams County launches first public-safety LTE system with FirstNet approval
06.07.2014 - COMMERCE CITY, COLO.—After several years of effort, officials from Adams County and Denver, Colo., today celebrated the launch of the initial phase of the county’s public-safety LTEnetwork—the nation’s first system to be deployed with the blessing of FirstNet.
Intrado Announces Text-to-9-1-1 Wireless Carrier Interoperability
05.28.2014 - Intrado announced the first production delivery of emergency text messages from a major wireless carrier through an interconnected network of service providers. Intrado declined to disclose which carriers are using the interoperability capability.
Text-to-911 goes live, and regional carriers are getting ready
05.15.2014 - Intrado provides the all-IP platform that most PSAPs are using, and the company has partnered with Interop Technologies, to make the solution available to regional carriers. Interop is a provider of core wireless solutions for advanced messaging, over-the-air handset management, policy control, and connectivity gateways.
PSAPs learning from early text-to-911 deployments
05.15.2014 - After deploying the all-IP platform from Intrado, implementing text-to-911 capability has not been difficult, Bien said.  “Having that equipment and software in place meant that it was merely a matter of ordering the service,” he said. “So, we had to pay a small fee to Intrado to program it—that took about an hour—and then we had to work with Verizon to order it and get everything in line with their third-party carrier for text. We all got on a conference call, got it turned on, and it’s...
Durham 911 Center Launches Sprint Texting
05.12.2014 - This technology is accomplished through collaboration between the City of Durham, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint and Intrado. Intrado is an emergency communications technology provider that installed the next-generation 9-1-1 software that enables text messaging into the Durham Emergency Communications Center. 
ATIS Awards Recognize Innovations in Business-Driven ICT Standards and Solutions
05.07.2014 - WASHINGTON — ATIS has announced the recipients of its 2014 Annual Awards, recognizing these leading technology experts and industry subject matter experts for their innovative contributions to information and communications technology (ICT) standards and solutions development and support of ATIS Forums, Committees and strategic initiatives. “It is with great pleasure that, through these awards, we are able to publicly recognize the accomplishments of the talented and dedicated individuals...
One System, Two Uses: Intrado Cell Broadcast Service
04.21.2014 - It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but at some point in 2013, cell phones began to outnumber people in the United States. Sometime late this year, the number of mobile devices around the world is projected to surpass global population. Given this trend, the CTIA, FCC and FEMA initiated a joint effort to develop Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), a wireless version of emergency notification services. The valuable service was developed to increase public safety by capitalizing...
Hamilton County, OH launches TXT29-1-1® for Verizon Wireless Customers
04.03.2014 - March 19, 2014 - Verizon Wireless customers in Hamilton County can now send a short message service (SMS) text message to 911 for emergency help when they are unable to make a 911 voice call. This service will be available to any Verizon Wireless customer within range of a Hamilton County Communications cell tower. Text to 911 is intended primarily for use in two emergency scenarios:1) For an individual who is hearing/speech impaired2) For a person who is unable to make a voice call. For...