Intrado Renews Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization in USA

Intrado achieves Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization in the United States

July 22, 2021

We are pleased to announce Intrado has renewed its Cisco’s Customer Experience Advanced Specialization in the United States. As one of only nine Cisco Lifecycle Management partners worldwide to achieve the Advanced Customer Experience certification, Intrado is deeply invested in our customers’ success; and, through customer examples and live demonstrations, we’ve validated our ability to drive business outcomes and support customers throughout the full lifecycle of their Cisco solutions.

Advanced Customer Experience

Delivering Optimal Customer Experience throughout the Entire Lifecycle

Customer experience has become critical to the success and growth of businesses across every vertical today. Despite often being cited as the top differentiator for brands, 52 percent of customers today still describe most customer service interactions as fragmented. At Intrado, customer experience is about much more than just serving our customers well. It’s about building relationships and intimately understanding our customers’ needs at each touchpoint of their journey from the initial stages of identifying, selecting and purchasing solutions, to onboarding, implementing, adopting and optimizing their tools.

Cisco Lifecycle


To deliver this high degree of personalized care, we’ve made strategic investments in expanding our team of technical experts and Cisco-certified customer experience professionals. In fact, Intrado is the only Cisco Lifecycle Partner whose entire customer success management team have achieved Cisco certification. These individuals work closely to build relationships with customers throughout the lifecycle, helping to define the business objectives they are looking to achieve, develop strategies to ensure they meet their goals and identify KPIs to track progress – at no additional cost to the customer. A lifecycle, like any relationship, is more than just a beginning and an end. Intrado’s work between these two milestones keeps our customers’ challenges under control and ensures successful results that can be measured.

Why Partner with Intrado for your Cisco Needs?

Intrado understands that moving enterprise calling workloads to the cloud can be an overwhelming prospect for organizations where daily business relies on highly customized collaboration workflows. We know that customers need a migration path to the cloud without disrupting their business-critical day-to-day activities.

With over 20 years of Cisco partnership experience, we’ve learned how all the pieces fit together and if they don’t fit, we know what needs to be adjusted to optimize performance and reduce risk. We know customers need the same features, functionality, third-party integrations, and customizations they have been using for years. We know customers also wish to continue to use their existing voice and video endpoints to extend their return on investment for these assets.

As a Gold Integrator, Master Specialized in Collaboration and Cloud and Managed Service Provider, we make business transformation possible starting with the journey from on-premises to hybrid or cloud for your network, meetings, calling and contact center solution. We provide licensing and deliver end-to-end managed services worldwide for both on-premises and cloud-based solutions. Because Intrado can serve as the single provider for all your Cisco needs, our customers have access to a more complete data set, simplified troubleshooting and the ability to mix, match and scale services, deploying only what is needed.

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