101 Guide to Webex Suite

Hybrid work is here to stay, and Webex is paving the way forward. The new Webex Suite delivers an end-to-end, feature-rich collaboration solution that enhances employee engagement and productivity no matter where or when they connect.

December 07, 2021

Cisco Empowers the Hybrid Workforce with Webex Suite

Organizations require solutions that are flexible, supportive, and accessible in order to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce. This year, Cisco, a leader in communication solutions, launched its new Webex Suite to support these growing needs. The solution combines collaboration capabilities to enable meetings, calling, messaging, events, and polling.

Hybrid work was the central theme at WebexOne, a two-day virtual event showcasing the latest Webex products, innovations, and acquisitions. Jeetu Patel, general manager of Cisco security and collaboration, spoke about the new Webex Suite features unveiled at the event. He said, “Technology has many powers, and the greatest of all is its ability to connect people and level the playing field for so many across the globe. Our new Webex innovations mark a significant step forward in helping our customers unlock the potential of their hybrid workforces – enabling them to collaborate in new ways and drive inclusive experience.”

Below, we will cover how Webex Suite evolved and the unique features it offers.

webex, adapt, workforce, changing
Webex has adapted to enable the changing workforce.


The Evolution of Webex Suite

Webex Suite was previously known as the Cloud Meeting + Calling EA Pack and is available via Cisco’s Flex Plan 3.0. Users have the option to purchase a complete package of cloud collaboration tools together in a concise way across multiple workloads. Webex offers flexibility and room to scale, so if customers need more features such as real-time translation, they can easily purchase add-ons.

Updates to Webex Suite have enhanced the company's ability to power calling, messaging, and meetings, including new capabilities to support larger virtual events, such as webinars, training sessions, and All Hands meetings. 

webex, innovative, features
Webex Suite offers several innovative and timely features.


A Snapshot of Webex Suite’s New Features

As part of the Webex Suite update, the company has added more than 400 features this year alone. Several of the latest features run in the background and enhance the user experience, making real-time collaboration more engaging and straightforward. Below are a few of the new features and their capabilities.

“My Voice Only” Mode

My Voice Only mode is a new speech enhancement setting that allows users to remove all sounds that are not their own voice when participating in a meeting. The system filters out voices of people in the background, which is valuable for hybrid settings where employees join calls from a variety of locations including the office, home, or other remote settings.

People Focus

People Focus uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to individually update the screen layout to ensure meeting participants always get the best view in a meeting, regardless of where they are located. This allows remote participants to feel more connected from seeing body language, facial expressions, etc.

Real-time Data Loss Prevention

The new update offers a data loss prevention capability that properly scans documents users upload to Webex. If the file violates policy, the software blocks the document from being shared with other users.

connect, devices, platform
Connect devices through a single platform.


Webex Devices

As part of Webex’s investment to support hybrid workers, it has modernized its device offerings. Webex Devices offer a solution for users whether they work in the office or at home. These purpose-built devices create an efficient and mobile workspace designed to support collaboration in any environment and at any time.

Devices include:

  • Webex Desk Pro
  • Desk Camera
  • Room Kit
  • Room Kit Mini
  • Headsets


The new Webex Suite also includes new capabilities following a set of acquisitions. In May 2021, Cisco announced its acquisition of Socio, an event technology platform for live, large-scale events. The acquisition came on the heels of Cisco's December 2020 purchase of Slido, an audience engagement tool with capabilities like polling, trivia, Q&A, and gamification (the strategy of modeling systems after games in an effort to motivate and engage users). Webex has integrated tools from both platforms to help users create and manage meetings of all sizes, including large "hybrid" events that combine in-person and virtual attendance.

Webex Suite also delivers cost advantages to users. For example, if users choose to implement all of the Webex Suite features (meetings, calling, messaging polling, and events), they can save up to 40% instead of purchasing the solutions a-la-carte.

support, expert, Intrado
Get expert support from Intrado.


How Intrado Supports Webex Suite

As a Cisco Gold Partner, Intrado is an expert in helping businesses find the communication and collaboration tools that are right for them. Intrado provides full support and management of the core features for customers that want to implement Webex Suite.

With multiple decades as a Cisco partner, we’ve learned how all the pieces fit together. As a result, we help businesses understand and identify needs to optimize performance and reduce risk. Backed by our deep experience with Webex products, our team is eager to connect companies with the right communications resources that power their businesses and optimize their IT investments. Intrado can help you review your licenses and get the most services for your money.

Now more than ever before, customers require a feature-rich collaboration solution to maintain employee engagement and productivity. The Webex Suite delivers an end-to-end, robust team working platform that can support a variety of working models. Learn more about how Intrado can back your migration to Webex Suite.