What IT Leaders Should Know About Microsoft's Operator Connect

Operator Connect from Intrado delivers telecom enhancements to Microsoft Teams such as advanced network configuration, app integrations, and affordable scalability. Learn more about how Operator Connect can elevate enterprise communications in Marcus Schmidt’s article for CloudTweaks.

October 06, 2021

In a recent CloudTweaks article, Marcus Schmidt, vice president of product management, discusses the benefits of Operator Connect. Here is a section of the article:


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new calling service for Microsoft Teams (Teams) users called Operator Connect. IT leaders justifiably want to know how Operator Connect is different from Microsoft’s existing PSTN calling options and its potential to impact 250 million monthly active Teams users.

The “Operator Connect” name might cause some decision-makers to scratch their head at unanswered questions. For example, what is Operator Connect and how will it impact businesses? What is an operator?

Click here to read the full article, What IT Leaders Should Know About Microsoft's Operator Connect.

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