Applying 3 CX and UX Lessons Learned During a Pandemic

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is no longer just an enterprise product. In today’s new reality, organizations of all sizes need secure communication tools that can enable productive remote work for their employees, while also maintaining an optimal experience for customers.

Kevin McMahon

July 29, 2020

As a technology company operating with locations across the globe, remote work is embedded in Intrado’s DNA, and we’ve been at the forefront helping customers in other industries make the transition seamlessly. Here are a few of the key lessons we’ve learned about driving work from home innovation in the era of COVID-19:

Moving to the Cloud = More Scalability

For industries that previously relied heavily on in-person communication and collaboration to operate, the shift to remote working posed some significant initial challenges. For many of these businesses, moving to a remote model meant transitioning communications to the Cloud.

When it comes to customer experience (CX), cloud-based solutions provide greater agility and scalability for businesses when contact center operations no longer need to be constrained to the physical workplace. With a cloud-based omnichannel solution like Intrado’s Cloud Contact Pro, built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, inbound and outbound communications across multiple channels can be handled from any location. For customers, this can also translate into more flexibility. Solutions like Cloud Contact Pro can provide customers with the ability to communicate with brands across multiple channels, escalating a chat to a phone call and even avoiding long hold times by choosing to have a call back when a representative becomes available.

Look to the Cloud when Planning for the Unexpected

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are essential, especially in the current climate when the number of employees working remotely can place strains on the network. In the worst-case scenarios, inadequate planning can result in business communications going offline, leaving organizations without a way to communicate internally or with customers.

In one recent incident, a customer with an on-premises contact center was several hours into a crisis event without any end in sight. With no way to communicate with their customers, the company reached out to Intrado for help. The Intrado team was able to implement a cloud contact center solution that got the business back up and running within just under 90 minutes. They built a configuration for over 200 agents; training videos were simultaneously distributed to get them up to speed. Running multiple parallel threads, Intrado’s team was able to configure and automate deployment so the contact center solution could be scaled to reach all the company’s agents. Communications were re-established before the team would refine and troubleshoot and ultimately dig in to resolve the root of the problem.

Balance Automation and Human Engagement

In situations like COVID or other natural disasters many contact centers will see a natural spike in call volumes. Leaning on technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help reduce costs for businesses while also streamlining interactions for customers. AI technology, like virtual agents, can be deployed to handle simple enquiries while more complex requests are intelligently filtered and escalated to a live representative that can address the issue. By automating this process, customers will see a faster time to resolution. Providing agents with a robust contact center solution like Intrado Cloud Contact Pro, integrated with a hosted direct routing voice solution, like Intrado MaxxConnect for Microsoft Teams can further streamline the support experience. Agents can have a single pane of glass view that can help service customers more efficiently. This can improve agent job satisfaction, which can in turn improve CX.

Learn more about improving CX during times of crisis by listening to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Contact Center Podcast, featuring Intrado.

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