Cargill: A Webex Case Study

Multinational corporation quickly upgrades its meeting solution, without downtime, in response to COVID-19.

March 30, 2021

Cargill Inc. is the largest privately held corporation in the United States based on revenue. With global headquarters located in Minnetonka, MN, they are known as a merchant of commodities and by the early 1990s Cargill had become one of the largest diversified services companies in the country.


Cargill has a global presence and due to COVID-19, they needed to move users quicker and sooner than originally planned from Intrado’s proprietary Reservationless-Plus® audio solution to Cisco® Webex Cloud Connected Audio to support Cisco Webex Meetings.


Cargill stakeholders and the Intrado team, consisting of the CX team, training team and project manager, worked closely together focusing on the migration to Webex Cloud Connected Audio for existing and new users. Three significant project goals that were completed on time focused around communications and training.

  1. Weekly project meetings were conducted throughout the duration of the project to make sure all project plan was followed, questions were answered, and the plan was brought to completion.

  2. Enablement and security training sessions were conducted with the customer to ensure appropriate communication materials and security guidelines were distributed to Cargill stake holders. Additional custom training materials were created by the CX team for Cisco Webex Training hosts.

  3. Admin and end user training sessions were conducted globally by working closely with Cargill in order to reach all users in all regions. These sessions ensure their end users received hands-on training and the admins received training for site management.


With the collaboration of Intrado’s CX, training and project management team and Cargill’s key stakeholders, we successfully transitioned them Reservationless-Plus to Cisco Webex Cloud Connected Audio without downtime or delay. This seamless transition gave Cargill confidence in using the solution and instilled trust with Intrado as their Cisco provider.

“Donna and her team did a great job with this project. The whole project was hands off by me, which is all that I can ask of a project team. There were no major issues or problems during the migrations ... I wish that all our Cargill Global IT projects could go as well as this project went.”

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