How to Master Remote Team Working with Microsoft

The way we live and work have been changed dramatically by the COVID-19 pandemic. With organizations now focused on how to empower teams as remote working becomes a way of life.

August 28, 2020

The way we live and work have been changed dramatically by the COVID-19 pandemic. With organizations now focused on how to empower teams as remote working becomes a way of life. We recently invited Taimoor Husain, Global Business Manager at Microsoft, to join Chris Franke, Intrado’s Vice-President of Global Solutions Strategy to discuss how Microsoft can help organizations adapt to the challenges of the new normal. Click here to watch the on-demand webinar.

The discussion began by looking at how the overnight transition to home working in the early days of COVID-19, has contributed to a long-term shift in our attitudes to remote work. Taimoor highlighted that CEOs and CIOs had already begun to acknowledge the importance of effective collaboration before the pandemic. He highlighted some key statistics from research carried out in 2019, which found that:

  • 86% of leaders cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as top reasons for workplace failures
  • 65% of leaders agree that moving from hierarchical to team-based working is critical for their success in 2019, but only 7% said they are ready
  • 45% of leaders have or are implementing web-based collaboration

The pandemic reinforced the need for practical collaboration tools to empower employees no longer situated in the office. Taimoor referred to a recent analyst study which found that there are four times more teams in enterprise organizations than there were in 2016.

So how can Microsoft and Intrado help? Our webinar highlighted three key areas:

1. Make sure you are Maximizing the Full Capabilities of Microsoft Teams

CEOs and CIOs realize that effective collaboration tools are the key to making their distributed workforce more productive and more collaborative. While many organizations have already introduced Microsoft Teams, most were only using a fraction of the functionality it offered. Franke explained this is an area where Intrado is helping many customers unlock the full value of their investment in Microsoft Teams. The webinar reviewed four key areas that make Microsoft Teams such a complete solution:

  • Identity and Threat Protection
  • Devices and Apps Management
  • Productivity and Collaboration
  • Information Protection & Governance

2. Make Microsoft Teams your Hub for Teamwork in Microsoft 365

Simplicity is the key to efficiency and effectiveness. By making Teams the hub of all teamwork, employees can work together to create streamlined workflows for all project-based activity. Teams not only provides meetings, calling, chat and collaboration capabilities; it also enables effective workflow for project-based tasks. Teams facilitates active teamwork and focus on the tasks in hand, rather than how they have to do it. Again, Intrado is playing a role here by providing training for employees who may not be aware of the full breadth of collaboration capabilities they have at their fingertips.

The webinar also highlighted some of the recent announcements at Microsoft Inspire, including a wealth of new features to streamline and automate workflow processes within Teams. For example, the ability for developers to create and deploy Apps without leaving Teams, as well as new opportunities to enrich meeting experiences with third-party services and apps.

3. Use Teams to Connect with the World Outside of your Organization

With Microsoft Teams calling, employees can call anyone, anywhere in the world with a single click. More than that, they can easily add chat, video and screen sharing to the call. It is also possible to make and receive calls from PC, Mac, Linux, web, mobile and Teams phones, or to chat and call with Skype users. Franke pointed out that for many Intrado customers, it has been an eye-opening experience to realize that Teams can offer fully-managed cloud calling PBX functionality. And that this can be as easy as adding an icon to the Teams interface

The webinar highlighted the multitude of possibilities afforded by Teams in the new world of work. CEOs and CIOs alike have an exciting opportunity to empower their workforce to discover new ways to connect and work together in a team-based future.

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August 28, 2020
By Sandie Simms

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