Key Steps to Secure Remote Working

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the globe, how can organizations prepare for a future where home working is likely to become the norm for many?

August 18, 2020

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the globe, how can organizations prepare for a future where home working is likely to become the norm for many? Intrado has recently tackled this topic in a guest blog published by global technology news publication UC Today. You can read the blog here or watch our webinar, ‘Essentials to Building a Secure and Connected Remote Workforce’ on-demand.

A number of research studies are showing that 75 per cent of workers want the choice to work from home after a lockdown. The Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey, the largest post-COVID survey on the topic to date, also found that post-pandemic, North American employees want to continue working from home for an average of 2.5 days a week (the figure is 2 days per week globally).

Add to these findings the fact that social restrictions will limit numbers working from the office and it is no surprise that savvy businesses are looking at hybrid work models. These companies are motivating and empowering employees to deliver their best by offering the flexibility to select the work environment that is most conducive to their optimal productivity and satisfaction.

For many organizations the overnight move to home working has created security gaps, which now need to be addressed. Our UC Today blog highlighted the need for companies to consolidate and optimize their technology investments to improve remote work performance, while also minimizing security risks. And in our webinar he offers guidance on how to protect existing investments and respond to the evolving landscape with best practice advice and expert tips:

  • How to make the most of your interim communication solutions with the latest technologies.
  • How to create secure VPN solutions that enable work-from-home employees to access essential services such as email, files, messaging, meetings and communications.
  • How the move to the cloud impacts your network architecture.
  • Expert tips on adapting to PSTN phone networks, or consumer IP networks as usage trends change.
  • Why understanding your end user needs is a vital part of your planning process.
  • Examine the opportunities presented by new technologies, including specialized devices to support remote workers in the field.
  • Strategies that expand your capability while protecting existing investments.

The need to minimize commercial impacts, wherever possible was also addressed during the webinar. Intrado is helping a number of organizations, not only optimize available resources, but to also make the most of available stimulus measures deployed around the world. From bringing forward equipment purchases that take advantage of attractive financing options, to restructuring service contracts, Intrado can assist you make wise choices that will help to secure your business survival.

Research source: Global Workplace Analytics

Thursdsay, August 8, 2020
By Sandie Simms

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