Motivational Games and Team Contests in Call Centers

Whether your contact center is geared towards inbound or outbound calling, sales or customer service, you want agents that stay motivated and energized to build a positive identity for your company.

January 03, 2018

Whether your contact center is geared towards inbound or outbound calling, sales or customer service, you want agents that stay motivated and energized to build a positive identity for your company. As agents are tied to a headset and computer for the duration of their shift, how can employers find ways to keep them happy, while simultaneously improving their contact handling efficiency and effectiveness? Let’s look at some of the tools that successful contact centers are implementing to achieve these and many other important goals.

A happy agent is one who possesses the tools they need to make their job easier. Deploying the right framework and software solution for the call or contact center reduces potential frustration on the part of employee, employer and customer alike. A multichannel inbound, outbound or full blended contact center solution like Intrado's Hoot Contact delivers a sophisticated set of call-handling and reporting tools while also providing unlimited scalability and control. With Hoot Contact, changes in call volumes – planned or unplanned – are easily handled, and companies can manage both onsite and remote employees within the same system.

Contact Center Features that Help Agents Stay Engaged

  • Intelligent call routing for inbound inquiries based on a variety of factors, regardless of whether it’s a voice, email or web chat conversation.
  • Full-featured outbound contact campaigns over a variety of communication modes.  
  • Seamless workflows for agents that blend contact handling activity across multiple channels to ensure every customer gets a response whether they post, Tweet, chat, email, fax or call in their inquiry.
  • Complete call blending to allow agents to be inbound, outbound or fully blended within the same platform.

So, tools provide a good foundation for employees to be primed to perform quality customer service, but what tactics keep them from feeling burned out?  Here is where games and motivational contests come into play to keep the art of contact handling new and fresh.

A Call Centre Helper article identifies the kinds of team contests and games in call centers that have been most successful in motivating agents to increase their level of performance.

4 Contact Center Contests to Encourage Productivity

1. The Wheel of Wow

This Wheel of Fortune-style game rewards agents for quality reviews and encourages staff to nominate their peers for an opportunity to spin the wheel to win daily prizes like free lunch on the company, leaving work an hour early or smaller prizes. We like this game because it recognizes a member of the team each day, which can do a lot for reenergizing the team and boosting morale.

2. The 100% Club Raffle

To keep agent performance at an optimal level, this contest offers vouchers for scores of 100% on quality assessments that can be turned in for raffle tickets. This contest provides a great incentive for high performance, as an agent earns more vouchers and tickets they increase their chances of winning prizes from the raffle.

3. Contact Center Bingo

In this spin on a classic game, each contact center employee receives a bingo card, and as agents make calls they get to mark off spaces on the card for things like, “obtained a lead,” “spoke with five people with a last name beginning with the letter ‘S’,” and so on. We like this game because it keeps teams on track towards achieving their daily goals while simultaneously rewarding them with small prizes along the way.

4. Social and Team-building Contests

Survivor Island – Like the popular TV show, Survivor, this contest splits agents into two teams and pits them against one another in friendly rivalry. The game starts each morning with the names of each team written in a big circle on a whiteboard. Each time an agent gets a lead, they can erase a name from the other team off the board. The game continues on as long as it takes – possibly several days – until the last ‘survivor’ of one of the teams remains. Games like this are social and fun, helping agents to band together to help one another achieve their goals for group success. Another version of this game is called Battleship, where agents try to “sink” members of the opposing team.

Call Center games and team contests are a great tool for keeping employees motivated and engaged in their daily work, as well as feeling like they are part of a team working towards important company goals.  And organizations can provide a solid foundation on which to start this process by offering easy-to-use, comprehensive software infrastructure tools to carry out these daily tasks. To provide this foundation, look to a Call and Contact Center industry leader like Intrado to help keep your employees happy and motivated. Doing so will help to continually improve the quality of customer service and level of sales success in your organization.

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