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Agent scripting: do you have what it takes to get it right?

Kevin McMahon

June 30, 2016

Agent Scripting: Do You Have What it Takes to Get it Right?

Agent scripting within the call center can be a touchy subject. On the one hand, you certainly don't want your agents to sound unnatural or robotic. And of course you don’t want customers to have a frustrating experience. On the other hand, you want to give agents all the tools they need to be successful while making sure they stay on message. When scripting is done well, the customer will be completely oblivious to the fact that the agent has been carefully guided throughout the call process.

Dynamic agent scripting tools use your existing business knowledge to help agents confidently deliver consistent and clear communications to callers. Whether you are running an inbound, outbound or fully blended contact center, call scripting, done properly, empowers agents and boosts customer satisfaction.

No More Piles of Paper Scripts, Just the Right Message at the Right Time

Call center scripting software can guide agents through a variety of call types including order processing, diagnosing issues or providing support. ​Scripts can range from simple step-by-step guides to more complex calls with multiple branching points and dynamic data look-ups. With an easy-to-use “drag and drop” design, your operations staff can build call flows themselves with the agent scripting tool.

Call scripting pulls together all of the relevant information in one place using a range of sophisticated data integration tools. So instead of clicking through several different screens and business systems, your agents can concentrate on the job at hand.

Conditional logic can have multiple layers, allowing you to route to pages based on decisions, or combinations of decisions, made at any point in the script (if that then this/if x and y then z, etc.). With connectors and branching points (yes/no/maybe), it's all completely configurable so you can create the right scripts to maximize the efficiency of your business. There's also shopping cart functionality built in that will enable you to optimize many processes.

Dynamic call scripts contain specific customer information retrieved directly from your calling lists, which can be assigned to campaigns that direct your agents through every aspect of each call. With ongoing assessments and refinement, these scripts can reduce agent training requirements as they take a more prominent role in guiding agents to successful call completion.

Our advanced agent scripting software reduces the potential for agent error, increases customer satisfaction, and ensures agents stay on message. You'll also find significant efficiency improvements through the option to pre-populate screen data based on previous responses or by having automated email content written based on script responses, all of which integrates with other business systems. And the tool is integrated into the call flow editor and works seamlessly with our call queuing system and IVR.

Call Scripting: Not Just for Outbound Campaigns

Not only can call scripting help with outbound and manually dialed calls; in fact, it can be just as viable for inbound inquiries. The same script could actually be used for all three scenarios in a blended campaign if you have fully considered the routes that an agent might follow throughout the script, the information that is available to them, and the customer-first focus that you need agents to demonstrate.

If you are looking for call center scripting software, you should know that not all scripting tools are created equally. Look for a tool that is easy to use and manage with features like drag and drop, so you won't need to be a programmer to get up and running.

Agent Scripting Comes Standard and Requires No Advanced Training

The Agent Scripting Editor comes standard with our cloud contact center solution. It can be found on the campaign management pages, and it requires no additional technology or training for you to start creating scripted call flows using our intuitive browser-based editor.

The only knowledge you need to create helpful, dynamic agent scripts is an in-depth understanding of your business and the tasks agents need to be able to complete. But rest assured, if you need assistance Intrado is ready to help.

We've listed agent scripting as one of the ten golden rules of outbound campaigns.


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Outbound Call Center Golden Rules


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