TrustFord: A Webex Case Study

UK auto dealership modernizes and expands its meeting experience 5x with Webex.

March 30, 2021

With over 40 dealerships across the UK, TrustFord is the world’s largest Ford-dedicated dealer group for new and used cars, vans, servicing and repairs. It forms part of Ford Retail Group and is wholly owned by Ford Motor Company.


TrustFord has a nationwide workforce both office-based and remote, therefore how their colleagues collaborate as a team is important in order to function effectively as a business.

A decision was made to modernise their current Cisco® Webex meeting experience and increase the number of hosts by 500%. This meant migrating users from Intrado’s proprietary InterCall® Reservationless-Plus® Audio solution to the Cisco® Webex Cloud Connected Audio platform, to support Cisco® Webex Meetings


TrustFord and Intrado worked together over a 3-month period, firstly focusing on the business adoption of the new and improved Webex Cloud Connected Audio service for both their existing and new users, with challenging but achievable KPIs:

Goal 1 was to support the complete migration and activation of all their existing users to the new and improved Webex Cloud Connected Audio service, within 3 months of implementation.

Goal 2 was to support 50% of the new users being activated with the new and improved Webex Cloud Connected Audio service, within 3 months of implementation.

Intrado’s dedicated Enablement Analyst worked closely with the Implementations Team, specifically during the onboarding of the new solution to ensure a seamless handover, as the service went live. This ensured that those with no previous experience of using Cisco® Webex, were supported from day one.

Customer Success and Enablement Efforts

The initial customer success KPIs were completed ahead of time through customised user training and 1-on-1 remote Webex sessions.

With a competitive commercial model, TrustFord saw immediate financial gains when encouraging VoIP usage. As the initial activation goals had been met, TrustFord and Intrado agreed to focus their efforts (for the remainder of the 3 months) on promoting VoIP audio. A third, equally challenging goal was introduced and exceeded.

Goal 3 was to increase VoIP adoption by 9% and TrustFord had clearly exceeded this target by January 2020, to nearly 15%.


Through the collaborative efforts of Intrado’s Enablement Team and TrustFord’s key stakeholders, they have not only seen higher than anticipated levels of engagement and productivity through the Webex platform, but managed to exceed 60% VoIP adoption, across the business - resulting in a 16% monthly saving.

TrustFord’s existing and new user community felt supported throughout the transition and ultimately made them feel confident when using Webex as part of their day-to-day collaboration meeting experience.

"There are situations now where I can leverage Webex and be a more personable leader." - TrustFord Head of Digital

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