5 Ways Broadcast Boosts Patient Communication

Broadcast messaging is an ideal tool to quickly inform, educate and encourage patients, at scale. Use broadcast to enhance patient communication by delivering messages to all, or a subset of patients...

September 10, 2021

Health systems and physician practices are looking to easily engage patients to enhance the patient experience and close gaps in care. A comprehensive patient engagement platform should offer multiple ways to connect with the patient throughout the care journey. Broadcast messaging is an ideal tool to quickly inform, educate and encourage patients, at scale. Use broadcast to enhance patient communication by delivering messages to all, or a subset of patients, via SMS or phone. 

Here are five ways to leverage broadcast messaging to reach more patients, more efficiently:

1) Public Health Patient Education

Recently, healthcare organizations are finding broadcast messaging a powerful resource for scheduling first and second COVID-19 vaccination appointments, sending reminders for both appointments, and surveying patients for side effects. 

Sample message: There will be a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on 9/15/2021. This clinic will be held at the ModernHealth Clinic, 123 Park St, from 6-7 pm for ages 12 and up. Please use this link to register: www.usethislink.com

2) Wellness & Preventative Care Communications

Connect with patients who meet the criteria for wellness and preventative care screenings.

Sample message: Hello, Olivia. Our records indicate you are due for a mammogram. Click here to schedule your appointment.

3) Clinic Closures 

Alert patients of planned or emergency-driven clinic closures such as severe weather events – hurricane, tornado, flooding, snowstorm.

Sample message: Hello. Please be advised that ModernClinic on 123 Park St will be closed today due to power outages resulting from the recent storm. Click this link for a full map of ModernClinics and additional information on other closures in the area. In case of emergency…

4) Other Changes to Regular Operations

When disruptions occur, keep patients in the know and your clinic running smoothly.

Sample message: Hello. You are scheduled for an appointment at Modern Clinic, located at 123 Park St. Please be aware there is construction in the area. Plan to enter the campus from First Street and complete your check-in at the north-side entrance reception station.

5) Surveys

Use broadcast messaging to deploy an active link to collect patient feedback about their experiences.

Sample message: Hello. You recently visited the ModernClinic. We’d like to hear from you. Please click on this link to participate in a short survey. Your feedback will help us create a better healthcare experience.


Checklist: Features that Boost Patient Communication

Not all broadcast message solutions are equal. Ask your patient engagement provider for details about these helpful features:

  • Flexibility to automate texts with links and phone calls
  • Onboarding process
  • Self-service capabilities 
  • Degree of customization
  • Availability of languages
  • Message character count limitations
  • Type and level of integration with your EHR

The right-fit Broadcast Message solution will make patient communication, education, and scheduling easy, and it will reduce your call center staff burden. Your organization can leverage broadcast messaging to deliver customized content that supports compliance and care plan adherence. Plus, broadcast messaging helps organizations comply with employment and government requirements for education, alerts and obtaining feedback.


Intrado’s HouseCalls Pro Broadcast has powerful 1-way and 2-way broadcast and campaign capabilities
combining chatbot, SMS, and IVR. Contact us today if you are ready to learn more. 


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