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Health systems are facing unprecedented staffing and supply shortages and continue to be challenge by patient disengagement. In his HIStalk article, Vik Krishnan shares key insights and solutions shared by Health IT executives.

January 25, 2022

With hospitals and health systems facing continued staffing and supply shortages, how will health IT executives address crucial business priorities like enhancing the patient experience, increasing visit volumes, and reducing burdens on personnel? Vik Krishnan, General Manager of Intrado Digital Workflows, shared key insights from Intrado’s recent survey of College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) members, including how automated patient engagement solutions are helping bridge these gaps. 


“Given the latest advancements in automated patient engagement technology, health systems need to raise their expectations of these platforms and how they can meet their goals,” Krishnan explains. “Healthcare organizations will realize gains by leveraging their patient engagement solution for more than appointment scheduling and reminders. This includes a wide variety of tasks that address gaps in care and boost revenue. For instance, just 19% of surveyed executives currently use their engagement tool to manage referrals, even though this area contributes heavily to revenue leakage, impacts quality of care and consumes vast call center resources.” 

Another opportunity lies in common workflows such as pre-procedure patient communications—only 38% of respondents said their organization uses digital engagement for these patient communications, like instructions on how to prepare for procedures like colonoscopies.

Whether it is accomplished via a new automated patient engagement solution or applying new workflows to an existing platform, automation can benefit health systems and patients alike. Krishnan’s full article in HIStalk includes additional details about how these organizations’ health IT leaders plan to meet top business and clinical objectives by automating patient engagement.

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