COVID Boosters & Beyond - Automated Patient Engagement

Providers and staff are finding more time for care by increasing automated patient engagement – education, appointment setting, care plan support, and more. A boost in patient-familiarity with digital engagement has helped healthcare organizations help more patients, more efficiently and effectively. Here are three automated, digital patient engagement solutions...

August 25, 2021

The healthcare landscape has been changed by COVID-19. In many ways, we’re benefitting from rapid improvements birthed by the urgency to do more with less. One way providers and staff are finding more time for care is by automating patient engagement – education, appointment setting, care plan support, and more. A boost in patient-familiarity with digital engagement has further helped healthcare organizations think outside the conventional box to help more patients, more efficiently and effectively. 

Here are three automated, digital patient engagement solutions that healthcare organizations are leveraging from Intrado to rapidly reach patients at scale. 

  1. Broadcast
  2. Gateway
  3. COVID-19 Booster Shot Workflow

1) COVID-19 Booster Shot Workflow

The COVID-19 Booster Shot Workflow was developed in cooperation with Intrado customers using Epic who are on deadline to rapidly deploy COVID-19 booster shots. The workflow empowers patients to self-schedule via SMS, or live-connect with staff for scheduling by phone. Specialty workflows like this can be built to support unique health-outreach during critical response and outreach for regular care. 

2)  Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast messaging allows you to educate and inform patients using customizable messages delivered via SMS or phone. Broadcast messaging is an efficient way to communicate upcoming CDC recommendations, clinic hours changes or closures, and other general information.
The benefits of Broadcast automated patient engagement include: 

  • Ease of outreach at scale with reduced call center staff burden 
  • Provide accurate, customized content to drive compliance and adherence (e.g., second dose) 
  • Enable ability to comply with various employment and government regulations


3) HouseCalls Pro Gateway with Epic

Amplify your patient connection and understanding between visits using Gateway to deliver text-based communications tethered to Epic events. Messages may either be uniquely initiated from within Epic by healthcare staff, or automated and sent based on triggers in the Epic system. Epic users benefit from additional built-in functionality to maximize key features in MyChart, Cadence and OpTime.

Gateway provides key capabilities to enhance your patient communications:

  • Easy Go-Live integrated with Epic 
  • Customize based on your needs 
  • Full control of message delivery 
  • No character limitation to create patient friendly messages 
  • Unique number assigned at no additional cost

Here’s some feedback about Gateway from AdvantageCare Physicians:

“Adopting the HouseCalls Pro platform has endeared us to our operations and executive teams. ACPNY has implemented a variety of automated workflows including appointment reminders with patient self-scheduling in Epic using SMS, pre-procedure notifications for colonoscopies to reduce bad prep, and over twenty Epic-event-based messages including notifying patients about virtual visit eCheck-ins or providers running late." -Venus Jones, Director, Revenue Cycle Systems

Your Automated Patient Engagement Care Plan

Today, reaching patients while the COVID-19 Delta variant surges is priority.  You can also apply the same automated patient engagement tactics across the entire care journey – wellness and preventative to managing chronic conditions. With low IT overhead – operational in hours with self-service portal and message customization – Broadcast, Gateway and the COVID-19 Booster Shot Workflow are value-adds to your patient engagement care plan.
Are you ready to boost your automated patient engagement effectiveness?

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