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Fierce Healthcare’s recent article explores which technologies Health IT executives are investing in and other key patient engagement trends for 2022 based on new data from Intrado’s survey of CHIME members.

February 17, 2022

What technologies are health IT executives investing in to move the needle on patient engagement scores? Fierce Healthcare’s recent article explores this question and other key patient engagement trends for 2022 based on new data from Intrado’s survey of CHIME (College of Healthcare Information Management Executives) members.

The data shows that across the board, health IT leaders—including CIOs, CTOs, patient access and technology decision makers—are making priority investments in digital tools to improve patient engagement and outcomes. Enhanced portals and mobile apps are a top focus for most (77%), and modern SMS communication methods are also of immediate interest. Because patients prefer SMS messaging to other forms of communication, more than half of the survey respondents plan to add this functionality, allowing their organizations to communicate with patients via this preferred channel for a variety of workflows. 

Individuals who completed the survey also offered a look into what has yet to be accomplished in terms of automating what is normally manual, labor-intensive patient engagement outreach. For example, less than half currently automate workflows for specialty referrals and pre-procedure preparation instructions. But simple appointment reminders are one of the most common automated actions these hospitals and health systems are employing to connect with their patients. 

In general, the survey revealed that executives largely believe digital automation strategies, bolstered by strong EHR integration, will help their organizations attain other critical business goals like increasing revenue, bolstering visit volumes and reducing staff workload. 

Read the full article to learn more about patient engagement trends for 2022 among hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations seeking to transform their patient engagement outreach. 

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