KLAS First Look: 100% of Customers Would Buy Again

According to the KLAS First Look Report, 100% of Intrado customers would buy HouseCalls Pro again. In addition, Intrado received excellent scores on key dimensions such as Product Quality, Ease of Use, and Money’s Worth. A 13-point improvement in the patient engagement category reflects...

Intrado Healthcare

June 04, 2021

The Healthcare patient engagement technology space is a crowded one. And all solutions are NOT equal. Healthcare providers should consider multiple functional and user-experience details before adopting a patient engagement solution. More so, providers should consider 3rd party audits and reviews for honest and anonymous user feedback about the products they are considering. KLAS is one such agency and the leading, trusted provider of research and reports that help global healthcare organizations select partners and technology solutions to produce the best outcomes.

KLAS Surveys and Reports

Since 1996, KLAS has “helped healthcare organizations across the globe face difficult decisions in selecting partners and solutions.” KLAS data scientists examine ratings and conduct in-depth interviews with verified clients who remain anonymous. The survey team then aggregates the “numbers” and the interview responses to create a report that provides detailed feedback about the vendor – the product’s function and value, value of the service program, and likelihood that a customer will choose to work with the vendor again.

    It is KLAS’ history of discipline and honesty that led Intrado to engage KLAS to audit and report findings on what healthcare providers have to say about Intrado and its HouseCalls Pro™ patient engagement platform. The report is based entirely on research and analysis done directly by KLAS.  Here's a preview of what they found:

    • 100% of Intrado customers would buy HouseCalls Pro again
    • 100% of Intrado customers report that HouseCalls Pro is part of their long-term plans
    • 8.6 rating of “Forecasted Overall Satisfaction” (on the KLAS 1-9 scale)

    Innovation and Improvement

    The team at Intrado is passionate about patient-engagement technology. Engaging KLAS for a First Look report is one-way Intrado demonstrates confidence in in the product solution and exemplifies a commitment to continuous improvement. Contact us to request a consultation and learn more about KLAS’ findings.


    The Intrado HouseCalls Pro solution is differentiated by its deep integration into EHR systems and its ability to truly automate and solve patient engagement workflows in real-time. Transform the way you interact with your patients by connecting with them when and where they are most comfortable then deploy direct SMS, broadcast messaging and chat to maintain those connections. 

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