Meeting the Unified Communications Needs of Midsize Businesses

Friday, May 29, 2020
By Sean Green

Midsize companies face unique challenges when it comes to addressing employee and customer communications needs. With growing requirements for advanced communication and collaboration tools, limited financial resources and IT staff, midsize companies can reap significant benefits from implementing Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions.

Workplace Change is Accelerating

Even before COVID-19 fast-tracked remote work priorities around the globe, the majority of today’s multigenerational workforce wanted at least some remote work flexibility. Customers, too, have demanded more flexibility, with expectations of 24/7/365 brand communication via their channel of choice. As a result, voice communications, IM, video and all other collaboration mediums need to interact seamlessly. For resource-constrained midsize businesses, UCaaS solves these challenges by enabling a unified solution for anytime, anywhere communication.

Solving Big Business Challenges without a Big Business Budget

Under typical circumstances, midsize businesses gravitate toward plug-and-play solutions. However, the need to aggregate or integrate current infrastructure and applications is not a challenge exclusive to large enterprises. In fact, midsized organizations experiencing rapid growth or M&A often struggle to provide their end-users and clients with a ubiquitous experience without the deep pockets of larger businesses. Intrado’s approach to UCaaS implementation is ideal to support the midmarket needs. We take a more calculated approach that avoids ripping and replacing existing solutions, instead supporting existing investments where we can and allowing customers to migrate to the Cloud at a pace that makes sense for their business.

The Crucial Advantage for Midsize Businesses

Although midsize companies may lack the extensive resources of their enterprise counterparts, they have one crucial advantage: their smaller size makes them nimbler. This means midsize businesses have the potential to react to market changes and customer demands more quickly. Ready to learn how UCaaS can benefit your business? Let’s talk!

Whitepaper: Meeting the Unified Communications Challenge

Intrado recently surveyed 100 IT leaders across midsize organizations in the US. Our findings uncovered some of the largest barriers to deploying UCaaS as well as the top benefits midsize organizations are likely to achieve with these solutions implemented.

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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