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At a desk or on the go, Webex Teams helps remote teams collaborate better, focus on what matters and keep moving forward with tools like file sharing, which keeps even the largest files organized, searchable and saved alongside your messages.

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Meetings Built for Collaboration

Anyone using Webex Teams can start a Webex meeting with a click of a button. No more waiting on hosts. Join from anywhere and switch devices seamlessly.

Cisco + Intrado

Intrado meets the highest standards to be named a gold-certified member of the Cisco Partner program, and we are the #1 provider of multiple Cisco solutions around the world.

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Never Miss a Message

Don’t let time sensitive emails get lost in an overflowing inbox. Send important information via direct and team messages, where they can be read and responded to right away or flagged for follow up later.  

Devices for Your Workplace

Intrado supplies offices and conference rooms with the newest Webex devices, like Webex Desk, Webex Desk Camera and Webex Desk Hub. But we also offer discounts on other Cisco equipment, including phones, routers, switches and more so you always have an affordable, effective option to access your network and collaboration solutions.

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More from Cisco

Get a unified experience for teams and customers with more software from Cisco, including best-in-class chat and contact center solutions. Intrado has supported Webex users for more than 20 years, and we offer lifetime support and optimization to give you more than an out-of-the-box solution.

Cisco Stack
Cisco Stack
Webex Meetings and Webex Contact Center

Full Cisco Webex Suite

In addition to Cisco Webex Teams, Intrado also offers Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Contact Center, giving you options to truly communicate with anyone, anywhere.

All-in-One Unified Communication

Communication solutions work better together. Consider an all-in-one communication suite to simplify your business with a single provider for calling, collaboration and contact center.

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Learn More about Webex Teams

Get one-on-one, personalized advice about Cisco Webex Teams from one of our experts or request a trial to see the product for yourself.

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