End-to-End Dashboard

Unlike other analytics solutions, Avoke tracks calls through transfers, collecting data through the entire call, including your IVR, queues, contact center and partner sites. Avoke follows transfers and measures effectiveness at every stage of the journey from dial to hang up.

Screenshot of the Avoke Call Browser "Dashboard" tab
Screenshot of the Avoke Call Browser "Analysis" tab

Customer Care Channel Analysis

Avoke captures the full engagement experience, including all automated, agent-assisted and outsourced segments. It then visualizes the data to map the journey and show opportunities for improvement across the interaction, making it possible to reduce call volume and lower costs per call by optimizing agent and IVR performance.

Voice-of-the-Customer Listening

Most organizations track call volume and resolution. What many lack is insight into why people call and how each step affects overall CX. Avoke lets you hear directly from customers to gain first-hand knowledge about your services, products and competitors.

Screenshot of the Avoke Call Browser "Listening" tab

Solve Complex Problems with Avoke

Immediately integrate Avoke into your contact center with no IT requirements. Contact our team to identify new opportunities, find effective outcomes and create great customer experiences.

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