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Teams Calling Options

There are three options to enable calling in Microsoft Teams. All allow you to call anyone, even if they don’t use Teams. All can work for organizations of all sizes. All come with desktop and mobile access to support work from anywhere.


But not all are the same when it comes to ease of use, features, management, and cost.



Calling Plan

+    Provided by Microsoft
+    Native Teams integration
+    Single admin portal

Direct Routing

+    Provided by a Microsoft Partner
+    Comprehensive features
+    Wide global availability
+    Pay-as-you-go pricing
+    Lower cost

Operator Connect

+    Provided by a Microsoft Partner
+    Native Teams integration
+    Single admin portal
+    Comprehensive features
+    Wide global availability
+    Pay-as-you-go pricing
+    Lower cost






AnySIP & AnyPBX Direct Routing: Customize Your Calling

Leverage existing investments, maintain partnerships or establish a hybrid cloud-premises setup with AnySIP and AnyPBX Direct Routing. 

Unlike Operator Connect, which is a full-cloud solution, these two solutions let you choose your own SIP and PBX providers, so you can enable voice in Teams around existing on-premises infrastructure and commercial commitments.

Intrado will help you find the solution that best allows you to maximize the value of existing investments even as you expand your capability.





  Operator Connect AnySIP Direct Routing AnyPBX Direct Routing Calling Plan
Direct Peering* in Teams    
Management in Teams Admin Center

Number Provisioning in Teams Admin Center

    Available in some countries/regions
Shared Service Level Agreement**

All-in-One Solution from One Provider

Quick and Easy to Deploy

Hybrid Cloud/On-Premises Deployment

Bring Your Own SIP

Bring Your Own PBX, Devices and Integrations

Domestic Minutes (Per Month) Fair use up to 2,000 Based on local telecom plan Based on local telecom plan Up to 3,000
Base Price (Per-User-Per-Month Cost Model)

From $6.95, £5.10, €6

$5, £4, €4.50 $1.10, £0.85, €1 $12, £9.30, €10.80
Global Availability (Countries/Regions) 36 113 113 26
* Direct Peering: Connect to the Teams network, bypassing public Internet for high performance and easy management

** Shared SLA: Responsibilities defined for Intrado and Microsoft, creating a plan for service from both partners




Try Operator Connect, AnySIP or AnyPBX free.

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15-Day Operator Connect Trial*
30-Day AnySIP & AnyPBX Trial
  • 5 users (phone numbers provided on loan)
  • First 2,000 minutes free
  • Implementation support
  • User enablement and acceptance testing
  • Available in U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany and Singapore**
  • 25 users (must supply your own phone numbers)
  • Implementation support
  • User enablement and acceptance testing
  • Available in 100+ global service areas


* May be extended at Intrado's discretion upon request.
** Requests from other countries/regions may be approved on an individual basis, possibly for a fee.
Emergency services and professional services not included.





“Intrado’s team did an outstanding job. They were more than equal to any technical challenge that we threw at them.”


Keir Hynd

Business Systems Manager



"It was not like dealing with your typical consultancy, where you get charged for a five-minute call or told it’s not in the scope of work. To me, it felt like Intrado was an extension of our team, and they did a great job of helping us deliver.”


Vito Nigliazzo

Project Manager

Not Just a Provider, Your Partner

Intrado brings our customized design-implementation-adoption methodology to maximize your return on your Teams investment over the long term. 

Lifecycle Relationship
Evolves as business needs change for maximum value

Microsoft Specialists
Experts certified in 12 Microsoft Partner competencies

Managed Services
Design and implementation packages for common needs





Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Microsoft Teams to talk to people outside my organization?

Anyone can join a Teams meeting, but Teams can also handle all your phone traffic with Operator Connect. This lets you call anyone via a limited number of approved providers, including Intrado.


What if I still have contracts with other SIP or PBX providers?

You don't have to delay your move to the cloud. AnySIP and AnyPBX Direct Routing let you call anyone from Teams while also routing calls through your preferred SIP or PBX provider. Move to Teams and keep existing relationships.


Do I have to get rid of my on-premises PBX?

Intrado is one of the few Teams calling providers that supports hybrid calling, meaning you can use Teams as your phone system and integrate your existing hardware. Our professional services team makes sure everything works together.


Doesn't Microsoft offer calling? Why shouldn't I get all this from them directly?

Microsoft offers a calling plan, but they're not calling specialists. They created Direct Routing and Operator Connect due to demand for calling partners. Choose Intrado to consolidate under one provider, improve disaster recovery, expand coverage and access specialized features like compliance recording, license advisory, managed services, E911, e-learning and premier support.


Which Microsoft 365 license do I choose?

License Microsoft 365 through Intrado, and our license advisory service will help you select the package that best meets your needs. If you already have a Microsoft 365 license, request a license review to see if you're overpaying.


Do I need any new hardware?

Start calling with no new hardware, straight from your laptop. Intrado can also support a wide range of analog devices or offer discounts on certified Microsoft devices like phones, speakers, headsets, cameras and smart screens.


Is this compliant with all industry regulations?

As the leading supporter of the United States' 911 infrastructure, we offer advanced E911 support, as well as compliance recording to meet recording regulations. For more security and control, run your traffic on the Intrado SD-WAN network.


How can I get the most value from my Teams investment?

Start with Intrado Learning, an e-learning portal with more than 4,000 Teams-focused training resources. For more hands-on assistance, contact Intrado's premier support, managed services and professional services teams to get an expert in your corner.


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