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What is Operator Connect Conferencing?

Operator Connect Conferencing is a new service provided by a select group of Microsoft Partners. It uses the same administrator interface as Operator Connect and allows you to add Intrado dial-in numbers to a Microsoft Audio Conferencing bridge. This is the first time Teams users have been able to choose their own conferencing provider. These providers, known as “operators,” are seamlessly integrated into the Teams platform, making it exceptionally easy to setup, manage and operate.

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Direct Peering in Teams

Prebuilt into the Teams network for quicker integration and better performance

Simplified Management

Uses only the Teams Admin Center with no PowerShell or third-party portals

Shared Service Level Agreement

Service expectations clearly defined for both Intrado and Microsoft

Expanded Geographic Coverage

Additional dial-in locations available to support multinational needs

PSTN Numbers

Able to choose your own PSTN dial-in numbers, provided by Intrado

Single Operator

One provider for calling, conferencing, Teams licensing and more


Top Uses for Operator Connect Conferencing



Dial-In to Teams Meetings

Enable group calling and ensure clear audio connections for meetings in Teams.




Connect a Dispersed Workforce

Offer the same conferencing access to all your employees around the world.




Expand on Operator Connect

Manage calling and conferencing in one place with a single provider for all voice services.






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