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At Intrado we take security very seriously. That’s why Hoot Meetings was built with security prioritized above all else.

October 30, 2020

Earlier this year, work life and home life collided when the world shifted to a primarily remote work model. For millions across the globe this change meant trading water cooler chat for persistent chat, and catered lunch meetings for video meetings from your own kitchen table.

As more collaboration started to take place virtually, many businesses learned hard lessons about the importance of meeting security, from data privacy issues to account security issues and issues with securing individual meetings.

At Intrado we take security very seriously. That’s why Hoot Meetings was built with security prioritized above all else.

Hoot Meetings: Inherently Secure

Hoot Meetings is inherently secure, because it’s built using the newest and best available security technology. In addition to our ultra-secure Web RTC platform and world-class infrastructure, we’ve taken care to implement the highest-level security throughout each touchpoint of a Hoot meeting.

Nobody likes an uninvited guest. Fortunately, that’s not something you’ll need to worry about when you meet with Hoot. Our in-meeting security features let you lock your meetings to ensure only the participants you’ve invited are in attendance. Sharing content requires permission from the meeting moderator, who can also quickly dismiss individual or all participants at any time.

Meetings are our Business – What you Meet About is yours

Intrado has been in the business of meetings for decades, and we treat the protection of your information with utmost priority, securing all meeting traffic with standards-based encryption. Our fraud detection systems continuously monitor for suspicious activity patterns from failed login attempts to repeated dial-out activity to the same number within the same meeting.

The same degree of caution is implemented in securing physical access to Intrado’s data centers. Stringent rules regarding access clearance, activity logging, video surveillance and 2FA authentication ensure your data remains secure.

Company-Level Feature Customization with Hoot Meetings

Customization through Hoot Meetings ensures features that our customers deem as posing potential risks to their environment are adjusted to better meet the company’s needs. Account registration options can be set at the company level to leverage Single Sign-On access, Just-in-Time user provisioning and secure password complexity settings as per the organization’s preferences. Multifactor authentication, security images and social media integrations are also be implemented.

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To unlock the true potential of virtual collaboration, your business must be confident their data and content are secure. Whether meeting internally or with trusted external parties, it is important for meeting participants to be able to collaborate and share sensitive corporate information freely yet securely, within the confines of strict firewall protection.

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Curious to learn more? Check out the Hoot Meetings Security whitepaper for further detail on how Hoot Meetings built-in security can protect your business anytime and anywhere you need to meet.

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