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Exceptional Customer Experiences that Scale with Your Business

Mosaic Conversational AI uses intelligent voice technology and digital messaging to improve customer support, accelerate revenue growth and elevate your brand. It makes it easy for customers to find information and engage with your company, while providing personalized recommendations and responses more likely to meet their needs. It enhances agent decision-support with next-best action suggestions, and it can scale up and down to serve business demands in a cost-efficient way.

Mosaic in Action

Experience Mosaic in action, resolving a payment inquiry over the phone without the need for an agent. Conversational AI delights your customers and ensures agent productivity.

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How Does Your Business Benefit?


Automating Common Inquiries

Keep your agents productive by letting Mosaic automate common consumer transactions and inquiries like bill payment and location information. 


Customer Retention

Personalize interactions for each consumer, improve your customer satisfaction score and foster loyalty.


Lower Average Call Cost

Enable inquiry resolution without the use of a human agent, decreasing contact center overhead.


Easy AI-to-Agent Handoff

Achieve high Net Promotor Scores with seamless hand over from AI to an agent when a customer requires human assistance. 







How Do Your Customers Benefit?


Minimal Wait Time

Answer all inquiries quickly, no matter the volume, and leave complex phone trees in the past.


First-Touch Resolution

Get your inquiry resolved on the first interaction – using natural human dialog.


Exceptional Customer Experience

Provide a personalized experience – Mosaic recognizes each unique customer by aggregating data from multiple knowledge bases.


Higher Loyalty and Satisfaction

Delight your customers every time and foster loyalty by providing a consistent and efficient customer experience.



Get a Copy of the Mosaic Playbook

The 2021 Mosaic Playbook is here! Download this free, comprehensive guide on the Mosaic solution and what you should be thinking through as you analyze your digital conversation strategies.

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Animated preview of the Intrado CX Mosaic Playbook



Easy Configuration and Cost-Efficient Deployment

Our prebuilt modules make it easy for you to choose from a variety of cost-effective options to configure Mosaic Conversational AI to your specific industry’s needs.


Common Modules Include:


Amount Due, Schedule a Payment, Next Payment, Credit Card Collection

ID & Verification

User ID Collection, SSN Last-4 Digit Verification, Last Name Verification, Date of Birth Verification


Balance, Deposit History, Withdrawal History, Transaction History


Order Status, Order History, Shipping Status, Purchase History


Store Locator, Hours of Operation, Common Calling Reasons, Common Information/Feedback


Outage Status, Report an Outage, Estimated Restoration, Voice/SMS Status Enrollment

Best-in-Class Customer Service Design

Only use what you need! Our Success Coaches will run through a robust consultation to understand your business needs when it comes to your customer journeys. We then recommend which Mosaic modules would best fit your business. 

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Easy Implementation and Guaranteed Success

Activating your new Conversational AI platform is simpler than you think – and we handle it for you! Backed by 30 years of experience working with organizations just like yours, our solution implementation experts are here to help every step of the way.


Once you’re up and running, we don’t stop there! Our Success Coaches assist with managing your platform, provide real-time adjustments when you need a change, update you on industry best practices, and offer expert advice and for ongoing optimization and success.

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