News: Skype for Business Online is winding down. Request a free trial or proof of concept below to start calling in Teams.



Navigating the Road to ROI

To ensure you get the most value out of your Microsoft investment, we take a consultative, phased approach that follows three steps for any cloud migration with Teams.



Get expert consultation to identify voice needs and find the best migration path


Review or select a Teams license to prepare for voice without overpaying


Deploy voice with expanded coverage, increased adoption and certified endpoints

For even more customization, ask about our eight professional services packages. Each package is designed for a specific use case and focuses solely on planning or implementation.

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Trade Up with Operator Connect

Activate full-capability calling for your team and call anyone, even if they don’t use Teams. As the newest form of Microsoft calling with the best user experience, Operator Connect is the ideal trade up from Skype for Business or another calling solution.

  • Integrate your on-premises PBX or get an all-cloud replacement
  • Consolidate calling, collaboration and supporting solutions
  • Improve business continuity and disaster recovery
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What is Operator Connect?

Operator Connect is the next evolution of Microsoft’s Direct Routing, available only from qualified partners like Intrado. It makes it easier than ever to start and manage Teams calling. The result is:

  • Native voice integration for improved performance
  • Zero-code number provisioning to activate users quicker
  • Consolidated administration to reduce IT workload
  • Simplified user experience that drives adoption
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Direct Routing on Your Terms

Call in Teams and leverage existing purchases and partnerships. AnySIP Direct Routing and AnyPBX Direct Routing let you choose your own SIP and PBX providers, so you can enable voice in Teams around existing infrastructure and commercial commitments.


Choose the cloud or hybrid deployment that meets your needs.


  Operator Connect AnySIP Direct Routing AnyPBX Direct Routing
Direct Peering* in Teams

Simple Management in Teams Admin Center

Number Provisioning in Teams Admin Center


Shared Service Level Agreement (SLA)**

All-in-One Solution from One Provider

Quick and Easy to Deploy

Bring Your Own SIP  
Bring Your Own PBX, Devices and Integrations    
Lowest Cost  

International Coverage (Countries and Territories) 18 (+39 Coming Soon) 114 114


* Direct Peering: Connect to the Teams network, bypassing public Internet for high performance and easy management

** Shared SLA: Responsibilities defined for Intrado and Microsoft, creating a plan for service from both partners

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Throughout the rollout, the Intrado team was brilliant, both in terms of communication and technical expertise. Luca and Marcin were always there when we needed them.

- B. O'Flaherty SeddonIT Manager

Donna and her team did a great job with this project. The whole project was hands off by me, which is all I can ask of a project team. I wish all our Cargill Global IT projects could go as well.

- Cargill Project Lead

We worked closely with Steve, whose ability to understand the challenges we faced and bring in the right individuals with the expertise and experience to deal with those challenges was invaluable.

- Simon GrangerHead of Connectivity and Infrastructure

The Intrado team was exceptional in all accounts in my opinion. Lori and Blair are the dynamic duo.

- PSI ExecutiveVP of Global IT Infrastructure



Teams Calling FAQ


Can I use Microsoft Teams to talk to people outside my organization?

Anyone can join a Teams meeting, but Teams can also handle all your phone traffic with Operator Connect. This lets you call anyone via a limited number of approved providers, including Intrado.


What if I still have contracts with other PBX or SIP trunk providers?

You don't have to delay your move to the cloud. AnySIP Direct Routing and AnyPBX Direct Routing let you call anyone from Teams while also routing calls through your preferred SIP or PBX provider. Move to Teams and keep existing relationships.


Do I have to get rid of my on-premises PBX?

Intrado is one of the few Teams calling providers that supports hybrid calling, meaning you can use Teams as your phone system and integrate your existing hardware. Our professional services team makes sure everything works together.


Doesn't Microsoft offer calling? Why shouldn't I get all this from them directly?

Microsoft offers a calling plan, but they're not calling specialists. They created Direct Routing and Operator Connect due to demand for calling partners. Choose Intrado to consolidate under one provider, improve disaster recovery, expand coverage and access specialized features like compliance recording, license advisory, managed services, E911, e-learning and premier support.


Do I need any new hardware?

Start calling with no new hardware, straight from your laptop. Intrado can also support a wide range of analog devices or offer discounts on certified Microsoft devices like phones, speakers, headsets, cameras and smart screens.


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Get one-on-one, personalized advice about Microsoft Teams with Intrado. Talk to an expert and unleash the full potential of unified communications.

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