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Intrado IP Description of Services - EMEA


A typical corporate network, built piecemeal over a number of years, can hold back the deployment of applications and services that drive business growth. It’s time for MAXXIS, an application aware network solution optimized for the delivery of real-time communications, centralized applications and cloud-based services across the enterprise.

The MAXXIS network solution will allow your enterprise to deploy a converged, all-IP network as a fully managed infrastructure with unprecedented application performance, flexibility and resiliency. MAXXIS offers flexible service delivery, utilizing multiple Tier 1 carriers to ensure wide geographic coverage, a complete choice of network interfaces to suit business needs and a level of resiliency not found in single-carrier networks.

MAXXIS provides a comprehensive tool set to manage your business applications and delivers full visibility into performance, from router and switch to network core. MAXXIS provides intelligent application-based routing, sophisticated management and unprecedented network performance in a single MPLS solution.

Forget everything you knew about corporate networks, because Maxxis is not like anything else available to enterprises today. More and more enterprises are turning to the cloud to host critical applications, but their networks aren’t designed for the data transmission involved with accessing those applications.

A managed network, not a managed router

Is your data being prioritized to the specific business needs of your company? If you’re not sure, chances are it isn’t, which is hindering you from maximizing the performance of your network and the employees using it.

With Maxxis, the network is used to its full potential. Together, we’ll prioritize traffic based on your business needs, and we completely manage the QoS Prioritization going forward. We do more than just send predetermined protocols to your routers, we fully monitor and manage then entire network for you, while allowing you complete visibility, transparency and access at any time.

Maxxis gives you:

  • The ability to provide heterogeneous network using the best possible carrier connectivity
  • A fully managed network, NOT a managed router solution
  • A fully survivable, dynamically routed network infrastructure from a single provider
  • Complete network design, configuration, installation, management and maintenance
  • Reliable support from a Cisco-certified NOC
  • Maxxis is more than just MPLS. We go beyond the requirements of a traditional corporate network to provide you with a solution that not only provides your enterprise with the best network connectivity available, but allows you to concentrate on strategic IT tasks while we manage the network from day to day.

Maxxis provides enterprises with:

  • Best-of-breed Network Architecture: A core backbone consisting of multiple interconnections with nationwide network providers and carrier-grade outing infrastructure provides maximum network coverage with greater flexibility for your specific design needs.
  • Expansive Network footprint: A high-speed, high–quality MPLS backbone, accessible via T1, DS3, OCx, and Metro Ethernet gives you greater reach and flexibility to manage geographically–dispersed offices.
  • Fully Converged Network: By integrating voice, data, video and internet services into one network architecture, Maxxis provides improved performance and simplified management through single–network and a single vendor. 
  • Application Layer Prioritization: Customized data traffic prioritization, beyond standard QoS, ensures optimal performance of applications and other network traffic. Enhanced geographic diversity also ensures performance, reach and reliability.
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation: Bandwidth is fully available for all applications, including internet access, based on needs and Application Layer Prioritization giving you high–quality, QoS –enabled network connectivity providing the bandwidth needed for time-sensitive applications.
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring and Customer Support: Our Cisco–certified engineers proactively monitor and manage the enterprise network, eliminating the need to over-provision dedicated Internet access and other services.
  • Web-based Management Tools: Network monitoring tools providing real-time and historical visibility and reporting, which relieve the pressure of constant IT overview through trouble management and fast resolution.

Maxxis Network Benefits

By this time, you know the benefits of an MPLS network. Here is how MAXXIS goes beyond traditional MPLS, allowing you to:

Get it right. One of the most significant hurdles a company faces when migrating to an all-IP network is having the right resources and skill sets to plan and execute the network transformation while still managing the existing network. MAXXIS is a fully managed solution. Our Solution Design Engineers work with you to build an infrastructure that minimizes technical, implementation and investment risk and allows you to harness the power of your network to improve business performance.

Ensure the performance of critical applications. MAXXIS gives you complete control over bandwidth prioritization across the enterprise and delivers a unique approach to QoS management. While most MPLS networks have QoS capability based on prioritizing tagged packets, MAXXIS takes QoS to a different level, assigning tags to traffic based on packet analysis, source and destination and also on business use. The result – a network solution that delivers unprecedented levels of application performance.

Take control. With MAXXIS, there are no questions or uncertainty about network performance. Sophisticated management tools take network visibility to a new level, giving detailed views into the traffic tagging, the bandwidth and performance data associated with every aspect of the network connectivity. MAXXIS delivers application and user level visibility providing full insight into performance of the end-to-end application transport, from router and switch performance to network induced application latency, providing a singular management tool designed for monitoring and managing critical business applications.

Enhance support capabilitiesStaffed 24/7/365 with Cisco certified engineers, our Network Operations Center (NOC) serves as a direct extension to your IT team. The NOC combines proprietary network event correlation with best-of-breed management systems to deliver proactive network management services combined with some of the fastest, most sophisticated event management systems available. These systems combined with our Operational Support System (OSS) deliver unprecedented service uptime and immediate response to critical network conditions.


VoiceMaxx CE

The Cisco Edition of our flagship voice solution

VoiceMaxx CE is designed for enterprises wanting the benefits of VoiceMaxx’s cloud–based on–demand services, including full PBX functionality, advanced enterprise and personal call management tools, unparalleled client support and service, but needing to provide their users an end–to–end Cisco unified communications and collaboration experience.

VoiceMaxx CE drives down the costs of voice communications while providing users with advanced feature packages designed to enhance accessibility, mobility and productivity along with sophisticated tools that give IT administrators an unrivaled degree of flexibility and control, as well as have their IP communications services integrate with Cisco collaboration features such as integrated messaging (voicemail, email, fax through single interface), presence and instant messaging, mobility, Webex and video.

Key Benefits to VoiceMaxx CE

Integrate and Collaborate. VoiceMaxx CE integrates a complete suite of Cisco-centric services and applications like conferencing, messaging and presence, with business tools employees use every day, such as Microsoft Office and WebEx, allowing them to be more productive by eliminating the need to jump from one application to another.

Increase flexibility and efficiency. With rapid deployment times, VoiceMaxx CE provides unlimited calling capacity, both inbound and outbound, on a converged network solution that efficiently utilizes bandwidth and scales to accommodate bursts in calling activity.

Enable Mobility. VoiceMaxx CE gives mobile users access to a powerful set of personal call management tools along with, hoteling capabilities, personal conferencing and mobile client integration to ensure that mobile employees are constantly connected.

Take control. Manage inbound numbers and how they route, calling activity across the enterprise with a powerful report writer to deliver information in the way your business needs it.

Experience service excellence. There is no one–size–fits-all solution. We work with our clients to solve their urgent problems and at the same time, show them how to use technology to transform their business. Our support teams are no ordinary help desk, they become an extension of a client’s IT team, integrating our processes and knowledge into the way an enterprise works.

Next Steps

Our focus on enterprise communications has taught us that there is no one–size–fits–all solution. Enterprises’ needs evolve quickly and careful planning is required for the migration to IP communications. Connectivity, scalability, user adoption, service visibility, monitoring, analytics, reporting , service and support integration—these are all things that need to be taken into consideration. Our highly skilled Professional Services and Solution Design teams have assisted many large enterprises design and deliver successful network and voice service transformations.



Deploying an enterprise wide UC platform remains a top priority for most large scale enterprises. The business benefits are compelling; increased operating efficiencies and competitiveness; reduced global support costs with a standardized infrastructure; a richer user experience with multi–channel communication and collaboration tools. But moving Lync out of the pilot phase and into full scale production is a huge challenge, requiring an enterprise IT group to deploy and manage complex application, network, PSTN, and federation infrastructure and services. Enter MediaCloud, a completely new approach to enabling large–scale Lync deployments that delivers unprecedented global communications capabilities.

MediaCloud is a completely new approach for the deployment of enterprise–wide Microsoft Lync environments, blending the traditional options of on–premise deployment versus hosted deployment. MediaCloud creates a hybrid environment where core Lync infrastructure and applications remains in the enterprise, under the management of enterprise IT staff, while the media, edge and federation portions of the Lync environment are hosted in our globally distributed datacenters. This approach provides the following key benefits:

  1. Direct access to our voice and data network providing unlimited scale of voice/SIP trunking capacity as well as conference and media bridging.
  2. Reduced latency and improved performance, especially for remote users.
  3. Reduced administrative burden on enterprise IT staff, principally in the areas of voice and PSTN configuration and management.
  4. Increased resiliency and security in the media, edge and federation infrastructure with no hardware to acquire, deploy, and manage.
  5. Enterprise IT staff remains in command and control of core Lync services with complete visibility into the applications and services that reside in the cloud.

MediaCloud - Empowers an enterprise Lync deployment by providing the speed, performance, reliability and scalability of a cloud based solution while simultaneously delivering the command, control and integration capabilities demanded by today’s enterprise IT organizations.

MediaCloud represents the state–of–the–art in distributed media and communications architectures. MediaCloud allows an enterprise Lync deployment to utilize a hybrid cloud platform to enable unprecedented global communication capabilities and is comprised of three key elements:


EdgeCloud takes the direct Global Internet connectivity for the Lync enterprise clusters into a highly sophisticated, route optimized network designed specifically for real–time inter–carrier communications. This approach results in a dramatic improvement in network security and a higher and more consistent level of user–experience quality.


MediationCloud allows an enterprise to deploy voice services via their investment in Microsoft’s Lync. Many companies have use Lync for messaging, conferencing, and office Integration, but they’ve been reluctant to add Enterprise Voice because of the significant complexity involved in configuring the mediation server to carry voice traffic to the PSTN.
MediationCloud extends RTAudio utilization to the service Provider network, allowing the enhanced quality of RTAudio to be delivered without transcoding or the need to hairpin calls through a centralized corporate datacenter. The result is increased network utilization efficiency and a significant reduction in voice latency, translating into a superb Lync Enterprise Voice user–experience.


FederationCloud provides the public federation services associated with the enterprise Lync platform in a secure, QoS–enabled environment with preferred premium peering to Global Internet providers and many MPLS network service platforms. FederationCloud enables high performance, low latency, QoS–enhanced connectivity to organizations, applications, and services both within and external to the MediaCloud.

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