Improving Patient Engagement

For more than 20 years, Intrado has served the healthcare community with automated, patient engagement solutions. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, we reached out to KLAS to conduct an audit of customers using Intrado's premier patient engagement platform, HouseCalls Pro™. 

Intrado received scores of 8.0 or higher (on the 1-9 KLAS scale) on key dimensions such as Product Quality, Ease of Use, and Money’s Worth.  A 13-point improvement in the patient engagement category reflects Intrado's commitment to deliver forward-thinking patient engagement technology. The report also notes that healthcare providers are highly optimistic about Intrado’s future and the direction it is taking in healthcare.


"From the go-live, we saw results immediately. 60% of the texts that were sent out got responses. We added automatic voice calls a year later. We had a 95% response rate after that. The system has taken a lot of pressure off us. House Calls Pro has been successful."

Anonymous, Health System Director #1



"The immediate outcome that we found was for our patients and operations. We saw an immediate change in how our operations managed the schedule because patients could confirm or cancel their appointments through the system."

Anonymous, Health System Director #2



“The product works exactly the way the vendor says it does; it works well. Once the product is set up, we don’t have to do much to maintain it. Patients find the system to be simple to use. In terms of whether the system meets our needs, it is a stable workhorse."

Anonymous, Health System Director #3


Automated, Personalized, Actionable

Intrado’s HouseCalls Pro solution is differentiated by its deep integration into EHR systems and its ability to truly automate and solve patient engagement workflows in real-time. Transform the way you interact with your patients by connecting with them when and where they are most comfortable then deploy direct SMS, broadcast messaging and chat to maintain those connections. Ready to learn more?

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