Flexibility to Collaborate from Anywhere

Softphones are becoming ever more prevalent. Organizations of all types and sizes are deploying these devices using Intrado's Location Manager across their organizations to allow their users greater flexibility to communicate and collaborate from virtually anywhere. With this flexibility, businesses can capture remote users' locations during an emergency.


Remote User Locations

When a user moves to a new location, a customizable disclaimer appears when they start their softphone (option to be mandatory) requesting their new location. Once their new address is entered, if they place a 911 call, their new location will be used to deliver the call with the corresponding dispatchable address.




On-Site User Locations

Location Manager keeps track of on-site devices automatically, even as they move between various locations. If a user dials 911 and is connected to the network, Emergency Routing Service uses their current location to deliver the 911 call with the corresponding dispatchable address.

About Emergency Routing Service


Seeing IS Believing

911 doesn't need to be complicated. Get your free demo let us worry about the ever-evolving rules and regulations of 911. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the things that make your business great.




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