Discover the most powerful collection of safety solutions for educational institutions.


Intrado has been an innovator in the emergency communications space for more than 40 years. Today, our technology processes more than 90% of 9-1-1 transactions across North America, and we have well-established relationships with thousands of public safety organizations.


Now, we’re leveraging our unmatched experience in emergency response and our decades of experience with serving educational organizations to create the most advanced suite of campus safety solutions available.


Intrado Safety Suite makes safety management easier, emergency dispatch more accurate, and crisis communications more effective. Learn more about this unparalleled collection of safety solutions today.



A Comprehensive Solution For Campus Safety


Intrado Safety SuiteIntrado Safety Suite is an unrivaled set of tools designed to help schools address safety threats from every angle.


Intrado Safety Shield is an end-to-end safety management platform that enables faster and more accurate emergency response and offers a wide range of emergency response capabilities.


Intrado Revolution is a unified communications platform that allows you to control virtually any communications or security technology from one simple interface.


SchoolMessenger Communicate is the most tested and trusted school notification system in North America, with a long track record of helping schools communicate successfully in crisis situations.


Each of these best-in-class solutions are powerful on their own, but they offer additional layers of protection when used in concert with each other.


For a truly complete and integrated approach to safety threat response, make Intrado Safety Suite a central piece of your emergency response strategy.



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