HouseCalls Pro Cerner Integration

Why HouseCalls Pro for Cerner Users?

Integration with Cerner means patient communications write from and back to the EHR using secure API for real-time automation at scale. Automate customized outreach and connect in more than 100 languages via text, email, and phone to allow patients to self-schedule, and to deliver education and reminders - increasing volume, keeping schedules full, improving care plan adherence, and plugging revenue leaks. 

Delighted Patients & Healthcare Teams

For 30 years, 10,000+ customers have come to trust Intrado with their automated patient engagement activities. In addition to the robust capabilities of HouseCalls Pro – self-scheduling, reminders, recalls, referrals, broadcast, and chat - a self-service portal puts you in the driver's seat and creates a seamless experience for your patients, staff and health system. 



HouseCalls Pro Integration is a Win, Win, Win for Cerner EHR Users


Improved Patient Experience

Patient data is centralized and secure, and SMS communication allows patients to easily engage their health provider, boosting trust and improving the patient experience.


Reduce Operational Burden

Cerner-driven, automated outreach allows you to share information and encourages patients to book appointments directly via SMS, reducing the burden of manual calling and follow-ups.  


Increase Visit Volumes & Revenue

Unified patient engagement activities, that launch from and write back to Cerner, keep patients and providers connected - helping close gaps in care and stop revenue leaks.


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