Why HouseCalls Pro for Epic Users?

Why HouseCalls Pro for Epic Users?

Deep integration with Epic means you can read from and write back status and updates to Epic. Allow patients to self-schedule, and deliver education and reminders to improve patient experience, improve care plan adherence, keep schedules full, and plug revenue leaks. 

Automate Event-Based Triggers

HouseCalls Pro Gateway allows Epic users to leverage Cadence, MyChart and OpTime to deliver timely patient information and updates in the patient's preferred communication channel - text, email, and phone.

ACPNY Implements 20+ Event-Based Messages

Communicate Throughout the Care Journey

“Adopting HouseCalls Pro has endeared us to our operations and executive teams. ACPNY has implemented a variety of automated workflows, including reminders with patient-self scheduling and pre-procedure notifications for colonoscopies to reduce bad prep. We also love the self-service capability and on-demand broadcast messaging.”

- Venus Jones | Director, Revenue Cycle Systems  | AdvantageCare Physicians


HouseCalls Pro for Epic is a Win, Win, Win



Improve the Patient Experience

Proactively engaging patients at appropriate times, with the right actionable information, and giving them the ability to self-serve for appointment scheduling, rescheduling not only enhances the patient experience but can reduce gaps in care.


Reduce Operational Burden

Driven from data in Epic, automated outreach allows you to share information and encourages patients to book appointments for gaps in care directly via SMS, reducing the burden of manual calling. Staff continues to work within Epic.


Increase Volumes & Revenue

Enterprise-platform with workflows and communications customizable by visit type, location and department. Cost-effective, personalized communications at scale improve care, patient experience, and increase revenue while lowering operational burden.


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