Your EHR + HouseCalls Pro = Delighted Healthcare Team

Delighted Patients & Healthcare Teams

Integration with your EHR means patient communications are captured within your single source of truth. Plus, you can connect on a personal level by selecting from more than 100 languages and delivering the messages via the patient’s preferred communication channel. Encourage patients to take action and improve the patient experience. Increase volume, keeping schedules full and plugging revenue leaks. And all while reducing burden on the staff. 

#1 EHR-integrated Patient Engagement Platform

Over the course of 30 years, more than 10,000 healthcare customers have come to trust Intrado with their automated patient engagement activities. Integrated with leading EHRs, HouseCalls Pro is the engine that connects healthcare organizations with their patients throughout the care journey via automated SMS and voice.

EHR integrated messaging automated throughout the care journey


HouseCalls Pro Integration with Your EHR is a Win, Win, Win


Improved Patient Experience

Patient data is centralized and secure, and real-time SMS communication allows patients to easily engage their health provider to ask questions or schedule an appointment.


Reduced Operational Burden

EHR tethered, automated outreach encourages patients to book appointments directly via SMS, reducing the burden of manual calling and follow-ups.  


Unified Patient Engagement Activities

Launch from, and write back to, the EHR, to keep patients and providers connected - helping close gaps in care and stop revenue leaks.

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