Patient Engagement for FQHCs and CHCs

For 30 years, Intrado has helped healthcare organizations create a true connection with patients that results in action. Reach diverse patients, at scale, in more than 100 languages to improve care plan adherence and to help achieve individual and community health goals. 


Engage Throughout the Care Journey

Using real-time EHR integration, easily engage patients for scheduling, appointment reminders, education, preventative care and screening outreach, referrals, pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions, SMS live connect to phone, chat and more. 


Automating Engagement is a Win, Win, Win for FQHCs, their Staff and Patients


A Better Patient Experience

Patients take action when they understand why care is important. Automate personalized messaging at regular intervals to promote care continuity and make it easy to schedule appointments.


Reduce Operational Burden

Reach more patients, more efficiently by automating, actionable communications in the patient’s preferred language and channel.


Enhance Care & Volumes

Educate patients, increase visit volume, keep schedules full, and plug no-show and referral leaks to serve more patients.

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