#1 Digital Patient Engagement Platform for Physician Practices

More than 10,000 healthcare clients are using Intrado’s patient engagement platform to automatically connect with patients at the right time to reduce no-shows, close referrals, improve care plan adherence, and boost revenue. 

Automatically Engage Throughout the Care Journey

Using real-time EHR integration, HouseCalls Pro makes connecting with patients easy, including via patient-preferred SMS: scheduling, appointment reminders, information and education, recalls for preventative care and screenings, referrals, pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions, payment reminders, patient surveys, SMS live connect to phone, chat and more. What challenges will patient engagement help you solve?

Confluence Health Endorsement

Significantly Reduce Operational Burden

“I was amazed by the response! We efficiently and rapidly reached out to 6,000 patients, allowing them to self-schedule, significantly reducing call center staff burden, and we only had 1% no-show rate from those that scheduled.”

- Nathanael Kempff, Integration Architect at Confluence Health 


Automating Engagement is a Win, Win, Win for Physician Practices


Improve Patient Experience

Help patients easily schedule appointments and conveniently receive the information they need to be successful on their health journey.


Reduce Operational Burden

Have more face time with patients by replacing time-consuming manual phone calling and follow-ups with automated, personalized communication.  


Plug Revenue Leaks

Connect with patients regularly to improve the patient experience, keep schedules full, and plug no-show, recall, and referral leaks.

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