pre post procedure engagement messages shown on cell phone

Help Patient Stay on Track to Full Recovery

Increase patient adherence to their care journey by making them more comfortable with pre-procedure prep and post-procedure expectations, including recovery time, medication, and follow-up visits.


Automating Information about Procedures is a Win, Win, Win

Customized, automated digital engagement with just in time information enhances patient experience and encourages clean prep and recovery while improving outcomes, reducing readmission rates and plugging revenue leaks.



Make sure patients know what to expect. Boost compliant prep and recovery by automating and communicating relevant information when needed, and in the channel and language your patient prefers.



Automate pre procedure education and capture post-procedure data to the EHR so staff and providers can help keep them tracking to full and complication-free recovery.


Health Systems

Improve patient outcomes, community health and reduce readmission rates by leveraging automated patient engagement to encourage prep and recovery education and adherence.

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