School Visitor ManagementSchool Visitor Management:
Why It Matters


School visitor management is a key aspect of school safety because it’s not always obvious when visitors may present risks to students and staff. For example:


• Many sex offender databases are not frequently updated, making it harder to identify those who shouldn’t be allowed around children.


• Parents may present risks to students in divorce or separation situations; child custody fights can raise the chances of abduction attempts.


• Domestic situations between staff members and estranged partners increase the possibility of violence on campus.


Put simply, not knowing who poses a threat to students or staff can lead to dangerous encounters. And outdated processes for managing visitors create security gaps that bad people can slip through.



School Visitor Management Solutions

Intrado's school visitor management solutions are a better way to protect your students and staff. Our solutions are already trusted and relied upon by large K-12 school districts across North America. With these solutions, Intrado customers have yet another set of tools to prevent and neutralize safety threats. Key features and benefits include:


• Check visitors against a constantly-updated national database of registered sex offenders.

• Log and track visitors from one dashboard.

• SIS integration for easy guardian data management.

• Customizable unwanted visitor registries.

• Easily create approved student pick-up lists.

• Time-expiring visitor ID badge technology.

• Instantly send emergency alerts about unwanted visitors with the click of a button.

• Instantly know who’s in a building under lockdown.

• Issue frequent visitor key tags.

• Easily manage large numbers of event attendees.

• Know how many hours volunteers are in schools.

• Choice of cloud-based or on-premises software.



School Visitor Management TechnologySchool Visitor Management Technology


Our school visitor management technology, powered by School Gate Guardian, allows you to control who can access your campuses and buildings, limit the amount of time that certain people can spend on your campuses, and effectively manage visitor check-in and check-out.


With our solutions, it’s easier than ever to know which visitors are safe and which visitors are not. From delivery drivers to community volunteers to registered sex offenders in the neighborhood, our tools make it easy to screen unknown visitors, manage trusted visitors, and prevent unwanted visitors from making contact with students or staff.



Customizable School Visitor Management Solutions


Learn more about our school visitor management solutions and how they can be tailored to your needs:


• Our school visitor management software allows you to manage a wide variety of front office functions.

• The standard version of the software is easily operated from a regular computer. Choose between staff-operated check-in or self-service check-in options depending on your needs.

• School visitor kiosks offer an additional layer of protection, allowing for self-service check-in within secured vestibule areas.

• Our patented door barricade solution secures doors quickly in lockdown situations and is the fastest, strongest and safest door security product on the market.

• A wide variety of other school visitor management solutions are also available.



Compelling School Visitor Management Features


Here are just a few of the great features and benefits that our school visitor management solutions provide:


• Unlimited sex offender checks from the most respected registry in the industry.

• Early student dismissal tracking.

• Customizable privacy policy with electronic signature capture helps you to mitigate your legal risks related to FERPA and HIPAA violations.

• Robust web-based reporting.

• Schedule known approved pick-ups and maintain approved student pick-up lists to streamline the student dismissal process.

• Electronically store custodial court documents.

• Frequent visitor key tags for trusted visitors.

• Easily manage large numbers of event attendees.

• Know how many hours volunteers are in schools.

• Much, much more.



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