A Practical Guide to Adding Voice to Microsoft Teams

This guide offers a roadmap to help you navigate your Teams voice journey, take advantage of cost savings and enable long-term productivity enhancements. 

July 28, 2021

Microsoft Teams can be a full-fledged, cost-effective, and flexible business phone system. Yet, many companies struggle to implement voice for Teams, maximize its capabilities, and see the ROI. This whitepaper provides a step-by-step guide to help you better understand key considerations and priority actions in adding Voice to Teams.

If you have asked any of these questions, download this whitepaper now:

  • Are you grappling with unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Teams?
  • Want to create your cloud voice strategy and use Teams as an alternative PBX-based solution?
  • Do you need to understand the effect on your incumbent carrier?
  • Are you unsure whether to replace all PBXs in a single swoop or in stages?
  • Do you want to gain insight into your network considerations?
  • Are you struggling to navigate Microsoft licensing options?
  • Have you deployed Teams to all users, but it's underutilized?
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