The Remote Working Handbook: A Practical Guide for HR Managers

Five insights to help your remote workers remain productive while supporting their well-being needs. 

June 18, 2021

As we move forward to a hybrid work model, managing autonomy and productivity will be one of the biggest challenges for every employer. A couple of the organizational challenges are to understand what hybrid working will look like for each worker, and what impacts it will have on the company’s culture.

Intrado commissioned an independent survey of 300 HR Managers and 1,000 home workers in the US and the UK to identify the critical issues from an HR Managers’ and employees’ perspective. Our research highlights several areas with an apparent disconnect between the perceptions of HR Managers and the remote workforce.

This guide provides practical advice for HR Managers and team leaders who want to ensure remote and office workers are productive and engaged while supporting their health and well-being needs.

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