Let's Go Public: Use Webcasting to Engage Employees During Your IPO

Keeping your employees informed and engaged is challenging enough–doing so while your company goes public is even more difficult.

Nikkole Couture

March 26, 2019

Keeping your employees informed and engaged is challenging enough–doing so while your company goes public is even more difficult.

Along with the glare of media attention that’s often part of the initial public offering (IPO) process, a global organization spread across multiple time zones can create the need to communicate more frequently and in a more personalized way.

Webcasting—especially video webcasts— make it easy for your team to deliver secure messages from management to a global audience with real-time interactivity and analytics.

Consider the benefits of webcasting in your employee outreach as you go through the IPO process.

It Puts a Face on the Process and the People

If you're heading into an IPO, it's likely your investor relations officer (IRO) hasn't been with the company long.

Your chief financial officer (CFO) may have also recently joined as you started preparations for going public.

Using video webcasts to keep employees informed throughout the process eases concerns they may have about the IPO and builds a relationship with the leaders who'll drive your investor relations efforts.

On-Demand Viewing

Ensure employees around the world will watch the presentation by providing a replay of every webcast, available on demand for hard-to-reach time zones.

Pre-Record is Always Possible

If there's delicate messaging, and the wording must be just right, you can always pre-record some or all of the presentation to ensure executives stay on message.

Delivery Behind the Firewall

Today’s eCDN solutions make it far easier to deliver video across your entire organization.

While there are certainly limits on what (and when) you can communicate to employees during an IPO, you should work to keep all members of your organization engaged throughout the process.


  • The Big Announcement. If it's time to tell the media you're going public, it's time to tell the staff. Ensure that before the press release hits the wire, you hold an all-hands town hall with employees to inform them the company is going public, what that will entail and what they can expect before the IPO.
  • The Big Day. Most companies and employees will only ever go public once in their lifetimes. The day of your IPO is the main event and you should plan to not only stream the bell-ringing ceremony but also include regular video updates throughout the day as your share price settles in and the outcome of the IPO becomes clear.
  • Life as a Public Company. Once public, don't forget about ongoing engagement. While most companies hold regular town hall webcasts, you should align these with your external earnings presentations each quarter. This will allow your IRO or CFO to provide context around the numbers provided to the street and take questions from employees who are very likely to be shareholders as well.

Using webcasting to support your employee communications throughout (and beyond) the IPO process will not only keep them informed and engaged, it will help you control the message and identify challenges as your organization adjusts to the new norm of being a public company. 

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Nikkole Couture