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Advancing 9-1-1

Santa Rosa County 9-1-1, Fla., Buys VIPER® for Remote PD
Intrado THOR Supports Miami Beach Centennial Concert
Santa Rosa County 9-1-1, Fla., Converts to MapFlex®
Douglas County Colo. Adds TXT29-1-1®
Woods County 9-1-1, Oklahoma, Signs for MapSAG®
Palm Beach County 9-1-1, Fla., Renews with Intrado
Ville de Montreal Added 3 Intrado Positions
JEFFCOM 9-1-1 in Wash. State Does Biz with Intrado
Cayuga County, N.Y., Adds MapFlex®, TXT29-1-1® and PowerOPS™
Univ of NC in Chapel Hill Brings in A9-1-1® with Motorola
Chamblee GA PD Renews w/intrado and Adds Position
Burlington, Iowa, PD Upgrades VIPER®
Hialeah PD, Fla., Renews with Intrado