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Advancing 9-1-1

Sarasota County, Fla., Renews with Intrado
Innocaption Chooses Intrado ECRC
Clearfly Communications Adds Intrado V9-1-1®
Kendall County (Kencom) IL Renews with Intrado
CellularOne of E Central Ill. Chooses Intrado Direct Route
Franklin County EM, Missouri, Closes Deal with Intrado
St. Louis, MO, PD Renews with Intrado
McKinley County Metro Dispatch, NM, Re-ups with Intrado
Dawson County, NE, SO Adds Intrado MapFlex 9-1-1®
Medic 911, Charlotte NC, Adds 2 Intrado Positions
Polk County, Florida, Renews MapFlex 9-1-1®
Louisa County, Va., Chooses Intrado TXT29-1-1®