Incident Management for the Enterprise

Reduce risks and manage emergencies end-to-end with a suite of workplace safety solutions.


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Duty of care is a company’s obligation to protect its employees from undue risks.
A comprehensive solution for end-to-end incident management,
Intrado Safety Suite helps prevent, respond to and recover from any type of emergency.

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Safety Suite includes incident management tools that promote workplace safety and improve emergency outcomes.


Notify 911 immediately while also silently alerting staff campus-wide


Instantly initiate one-touch building lockdowns to secure the premises


Share key details with first responders, including floor plans, SOPs & more


Send alerts over IP endpoints like phones, signage & PA systems


Distribute mass notifications to provide instructions and updates


Manage visitors to allow only employees & approved guests onsite 


Across verticals and industries, Safety Suite can reduce the risk of workplace emergencies, protect lone workers in the field, and provide critical data to employees and first responders.


Safeguard employees who work alone or in small groups, during late or early morning hours, or in high crime areas

workers in a conference room


Reduce risk while helping staff protect themselves and the people they serve 

healthcare workers


Responsive technology protects workers from all types of emergencies throughout your facilities

manufacturing workers in factories


Provide the tools staff need to be safe as they move about your facility and interact with the public

hospitality retail office worker


Give nomadic workers peace of mind knowing they can be located quickly even when mobile fails

utility and transportation worker

Wearable Panic Button

Our Wearable Panic Button, part of Safety Suite, delivers critical data and ensures a quick response during an emergency.

  • Programmable options for various types of events
  • Initiates 911 response and silently notifies internal staff 
  • 100% connectivity with triple redundancy
  • Location data, incident details and floor plans are included in the 911 call workflow 
  • Daily health checks performed by Intrado with online dashboard results



Why Intrado?

Intrado has five decades of experience, infrastructure, and technology. We know 911, and we can eliminate all your 911 pain points. Give your users peace of mind to connect to 911 easily anywhere they go.

More Coverage

Connects to more Public Safety Answering Points than our competitors.

Better Network Reliability

Continuous E911 call routing service 24/7/365 over a geo-redundant network - with no single point of failure.

Experience & Stability

Five decades of safety experience and the #1 largest E911 footprint in the U.S.

Easier Integration

Native sync of Emergency Response Locations with Emergency Routing Service using Intrado’s proprietary API.

More Alerting Capabilities

Crisis Alert Email includes time, location, callback number, and name.

Competitive Pricing

Custom pricing based on the number of users with no unexpected pricing changes.


Seeing IS Believing

911 doesn't need to be complicated. Get your free demo let us worry about the ever-evolving rules and regulations of 911. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the things that make your business great.


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