Enterprise 911 & Safety Solutions

Innovative software and services that enhance emergency response to protect your biggest asset - your employees.


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Intrado's 911 and safety solutions for enterprise span E911, end-to-end incident management, compliance for private wireless networks, and situational awareness and supplemental data via IoT devices.

E911 Solutions Connect Workers to Help from Anywhere They Work

Keep employees protected and your business compliant with Intrado’s industry leading E911 solutions. Whether your PBX is on-premises, cloud (or both), Intrado delivers simple integration and a streamlined user experience – even across complex, multi-vendor and multi-platform environments. Dynamically route 911 calls, deliver precise dispatchable location details, and comply with state and federal regulations.

E911 Solutions
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Incident Management Tools to Improve Emergency Outcomes

A comprehensive solution for end-to-end incident management, Intrado Safety Suite helps prevent, respond to and recover from any type of emergency. Duty of Care is a company’s obligation to protect its employees from undue risks. Safety Suite reduces the risk of workplace emergencies and protects lone workers in the field with unified IP endpoint alerts, mass notifications, visitor management,  wearable panic buttons and more.  

Safety Suite
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A Turnkey Solution for Private Wireless 911 Compliance

If your company is considering or already deploying a private wireless network, just one call can subject you to FCC regulations. Intrado solutions deliver precise location accuracy and total compliance with all regulatory requirements. With a multitude of services, vertical expertise, and a technologically advanced  network, we help reduce the time, effort and complexity associated with managing a compliance-drive 911 call.

Private Wireless
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Connect IoT Devices & Data Directly to 911 for Fast, Informed Responses

Situational awareness and supplemental data gives first responders the information they need to address your emergency quickly and accurately. Today’s workplaces contain valuable data that can transmit lifesaving information, reduce response times, and increase response accuracy. Our Emergency Data Broker platform sends relevant IoT information directly to the right public safety answering point, viewable in a geospatial map display, for a fast, informed emergency response.

Emergency Data Broker
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Trust Intrado to Deliver

With direct connectivity to over 6000 public safety answering points across the U.S. and Canada, 105 million VoIP records under management, and 1250 employees focused solely on 911 technology, you can trust Intrado to protect your workforce and keep your business compliant.

Experience & Stability

Spanning five decades of safety expertise with the largest E911 and NG911 footprint in the U.S.

More Coverage

Connections to more than 6000 public safety answering points across North America.

Superior Network Reliability

Continuous E911 call routing service 24/7/365 over a geo-redundant network with no single point of failure.

Easier Integration

Native sync of Emergency Response Locations with Emergency Routing Service using Intrado’s proprietary API.

More Alerting Capabilities

Crisis alert includes time, location, callback number, and name, with multimodal mass communications also available.

Competitive Pricing

Easy to understand pricing based on the number of users with no unexpected pricing changes.


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911 doesn't need to be complicated. Get your free demo let us worry about the ever-evolving rules and regulations of 911. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the things that make your business great.


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