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Safety Suite for Education

Prevent, respond to and recover from any type of emergency with services spanning unified alerts over IP-based endpoints, mass notifications, visitor management, reunification and more. Whether incidents occur on campus or beyond school grounds, Safety Suite helps keep staff and students safe while providing critical information to first responders.

Innovative Solutions to Keep Schools Safe

Safety Suite delivers a robust set of solutions that modernize your approach to school safety.

  • Customizable event triggers like active shooter, suspicious activity, medical and more
  • Visitor management to track, screen and keep record of guests
  • Digitize and share floor plans, SOPs, ERP checklists etc.
  • Real-time reunification, attendance and drill management
  • Alyssa's Law compliant with wearable, mobile/desktop and mounted panic button options
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A History of 911 Innovations & Expertise

Leveraging a lengthy history of 911 innovations and expertise, Intrado is uniquely positioned to deliver the critical data first responders need in the event of a school emergency. From building the first-ever text-to-911 solution to our extensive 911 network architecture, safety has been our business since day one.

  • Devoted to safety and 911 solutions for 44 years
  • Connected to over 6000 Public Safety Answering Points in the US and Canada
  • Delivering over 410 million 911 requests for assistance a year
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Enterprise E911

E911 services automate and simplify call routing and location management for FCC and state mandated E911 compliance.

  • Comply with all state and federal regulations including Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act
  • Ensure 911 calls are quickly routed to the proper jurisdiction and include precise dispatchable location data
  • Connectivity to over 6000 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) across North America
  • Compliant with all major IP-PBX platforms for seamless integration and interoperability 
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Wearable Panic Button

Safety Suite offers a thoroughly modern approach to wearable safety devices with our new Wearable 911 Panic Button. Simultaneously submit a 911 request for assistance while silently notify staff campus-wide, initiate lockdowns, and leverage 100% connectivity with triple redundancy and dual SIM cards.

Read about Intrado's Wearable 911 Panic Button >

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A Comprehensive Solution For Campus Safety

  • Intrado Safety Shield is an end-to-end safety management platform that enables faster and more accurate emergency response and offers a wide range of emergency response capabilities.
  • Intrado Revolution is a unified communications platform that allows you to control virtually any communications or security technology from one simple interface.
  • Our new whitepaper "Wearable Panic Buttons: Enabling Both Fight and Flight" delves further into school safety. Learn about Alyssa's Law, various use cases, and performance standards to have on your checklist. 
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