Next Generation 911 + i3 Solutions​

Versatile and innovative solutions and services for emergency communications​.


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Next Generation 911​ (NG911)

The Intrado Advanced 9-1-1® network provides a flexible, future-proofed foundation for emergency communications opportunities presented by continually evolving IP functionality.​ This flexible A9-1-1® Emergency Services IP network (ESInet) improves call routing and supports broad-based interoperability for seamless data-sharing. ​

NG911 with i3 Compliance

i3-compliant solutions, no matter where you are in your transition to NG911.

The A9-1-1® Network

The backbone for NG911 applications for fully-managed call routing & data delivery with unmatched flexibility and interoperability.

Interoperability​ Testing

For our partners and vendors, Terminating Emergency Services Routing Proxys (T-ESRPs).

CLEC / ILEC Services​

Network gateway and data management services, reporting, and analysis tools to achieve the highest level of address data accuracy.

GIS i3 Data Services

i3-compliant GIS data services answer the challenges of location validation, routing, and service identification.

CPE / Call Handling​

Fully-integrated, mission-critical 911 call handling equipment and services that conserve valuable time, resources, and backroom space.

Text-to-911 Solutions​

A practical and often necessary alternative to a voice call. PSAPs can choose from three industry-standard solutions.

The Look of Success​

With over 42 years of experience and hundreds of legacy PSAP conversions successfully completed, Intrado is ready to help you build your Next Generation 911 (NG911) network, no matter where you are in the process. We can help you at the beginning, at the end, in the future, and everywhere in between.​

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