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Impacting Life & Safety

Keeping you safe with best-in-class public safety and critical event solutions that impact lives every day.

At the core of our nation's next generation emergency response infrastructure, our technology connects you to sources of protection and security by enabling organizations to locate, route, transport and deliver emergency communications necessary to keep you safe.

Trusted education and healthcare solutions deliver actionable notifications that keep your life running smoothly and connect you to the people who matter more than anything.

Software centric carrier solutions deliver award winning access for communications needs from the cloud, along with wholesale voice service offerings for wireline, wireless, CLEC, and VOIP providers.

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Intrado Life & Safety at a glance

Market Leader

  • 39 of Fortune 100; 65% of deployed NG9-1-1 market.
  • 60%Provide over 60% of all 9-1-1 call routing in U.S. & Canada.
  • >50% of K-12 notifications in U.S. & Canada.

Customer Strength

  • 68% of clients tenure > 10 Years.
  • 370 Support 370 telecommunication companies.
  • 1000 Support over 1,000 enterprise organizations.

Scalability & Reliability

  • 4 Billion Billion Send over 4B notifications annually.
  • 1.3 Billion Process over 1.3B calls and.
  • 3.7 Billion 3.7B minutes of use per month.

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