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What can AI do for the PSAP?

AI is there to help telecommunicators do more with limited resources by reducing the burden of repetitive and error-prone tasks.

AI Applications in the PSAP - here are some of the ways you can use AI in the PSAP to give your team the best possible tools, today.

AI Enhanced QA

Better Coverage, Better Outcomes with Mission Control QA.

What if you had 100% visibility into all your calls? What if you could improve morale, reduce churn, decrease handling times and build better training and coaching programs? What if you could spot trends and burnout before they robbed you of key telecomminicators? With Command Center AI for the PSAP - you can!

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Decrease in Call Handling Times


Faster Time to Translation


At the PSAP, every second counts. With Intrado Voice-to-Text with Translate and Language Autodetect you give your telecommunicators the best tools to rapidly connect people to the help they need. With over 20% of the US speaking some language other than English at home, Translate and Language Autodetect can shave precious seconds off many of the most pressing calls you get day in and day out.

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Text-2-911 Translation

Text-2-911 is a small but growing element of incoming PSAP traffic. There are situational (hearing/speech impairment, tactical needs for silence) and sociological (Gen Z anxiety related to phone calls and strong preference for Text) driving this evolution. Future-proof your PSAP with the ability to handle realtime language detection and translation for Text-2-911 communications.

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Of Gen Z prefers Texting to Voice

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citizens served over A9-1-1® network


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