Emergency Call Relay Center

Intrado's expert telecommunicators take 911 calls from across the nation.


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Our ECRC is 911 for 911

Supporting requests for assistance from across the nation, our telecommunicators are on hand 24/7/365 - connecting people in need to those who can help.


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The Emergency Call Relay Center Supports a Variety of 911 Requests

Network Issues

Assisting PSAPs when outages occur, the ECRC is an extension of local 911 services.

Provisioning Errors

When a local jurisdiction cannot be determined, requests route to the ECRC.

911 Overflow

During natural disasters and other large-scale events, no call will go unanswered.

Text Relay & Real Time Text

Relaying texts to non-enabled PSAPs and RTT support for the deaf and hard of hearing community.


Providing assistance during crash and other vehicular emergencies.  


Locating people and triaging support for satellite-enabled device users.

No Matter When or Where an Emergency Happens

The ECRC is standing by ready help locate people who are lost, stranded or hurt and in need of urgent assistance.

  • Connections to over 6000 local PSAPs
  • Staffed by APCO certified telecommunicators
  • Answering over 23,000 requests for help each month
  • Escalation to regional, state or federal authorities as needed
  • Triage support until local help is identified and connected



years of industry Innovation​ & Leadership


911 calls and texts answered each month​


primary and secondary PSAP connections


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