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Turn 9-1-1 data into actionable insights

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ECaTS, or Emergency Call Tracking System helps you run your PSAP more effectively
by helping you convert reams of raw 9-1-1 call data into actionable insights.

Our analytics suite integrates with all major CPE and NGCS providers and works with the systems you already have in place.


How It All Works

500,000+ Calls
Analyzed Daily

Our service churns through, categorizes, and sorts tons of call data in near real time so that it’s ready when you are.

CPE Agnostic
and i3 Compliant

We work with telephone equipment from more than 12 manufacturers. If yours isn't one of them, it will be soon.

A Custom-Built
Data Engine

Our proprietary software parses each call into a standard format, making all your data consistent and easy to read.

Customer Access

For PSAP Managers and other authorized users, seeing all your intelligence is as easy as logging in and clicking go.


Our Services

Tracking and reporting made simple.

ECaTS, or Emergency Call Tracking System
 was developed to make your work easier by generating concise, descriptive reports for your 9-1-1 call data. Our suite of services works with all CPE providers and adapts to suit the tech you already work with. Let's customize a package to suit your individual and enterprise needs. Let's save more lives together.

By the Numbers

Customers that trust us.

NGCS reporting


Industry exclusive
reporting and dashboards for NextGen 911 networks.

Unparallel Flexibility and convenience

 Largest selection of reports to meet your most specific usecases.

Unmatched Customer Care and Technical Support


Backed by our experience supporting customers for over 25 years across broadest spectrum of use cases

24/7 Access: Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

From your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, get access to your PSAPs’ call data whenever and wherever you need it.

Making a difference in PSAPs nationwide.

The information that ECaTS provides to individual PSAPs is of great value in managing day to day operations, but what it provides at an aggregated statewide level is even more valuable. ECaTS provides the ability to look at information in near real time...No hassle, no requests to make, just a report to run.
NG9-1-1 Administrator, KS 9-1-1 Coordinating Council

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